• Cell Sorting

    The RFCC at Cincinnati Children’s operates three cell sorters for the simultaneous purification of up to four populations to be used for downstream applications.  If you are a new client, please make an appointment with Monica DeLay to discuss your experimental needs. You must bring a signed billing sheet with your samples to each sort.

    Design a panel on one of our instruments using FluoroFinder.

    Number of Fluorescence PMTs

    Instrument Name*Instrument Make/ModelLocation**Blue (488nm)Red (635nm)Violet (405nm) Yellow-Green (561nm)UV (335nm)
    Aria 1 (Ariel)BD FACSAria IIR5001532 2
    Aria 2 (Arnie)BD FACSAria IIR500123252
    MoFloBeckman Coulter MoFlo XDPR5529532

    Cell Sorting Information

    R5001: FACSAria's
    R5529: MoFlo XDP

    9 am to 6 pm Monday-Friday

    To Schedule
    513-636-2770 - FACSAria's
    513-636-2054 - MoFlo XDP

    cell sorting

    *Click on the instrument name for the configuration.
    **BL2 rooms.  Doors must be kept closed at all times and appropriate PPE worn while in the instrument rooms.

    Sample tube options include: 1.1 ml tubes (Neptune cat# 2601.S); 12x75 mm Falcon tubes; 15 ml conicals.

    Collection options include: 1.5 ml tubes; 12x75 mm Falcon tubes; 15 ml conicals; multiwell plates; slides.


    Call 513-636-2770 (FACSAria's) or 513-636-2054 (MoFlo) to schedule a time between 9 am and 6 pm Monday-Friday. We will fill out a scheduling form for each appointment. Be prepared to provide details related to your sort. All appointments, modifications and cancelations are confirmed via email. Click here to view the calendar.

    Sample preparation

    Check out the Guidelines for Sorting for information on sample preparation, collection, etc.

    Sorting fees

    The sorting fees for internal clients can be found on Centerlink. For external clients, please contact us. A billing form must be filled out and brought with you each time you sort.

    Cancellation / late policy

    You must call to cancel your appointment. All cancellations will be confirmed via email to the client. You will be charged for the sort if you cancel less than 24 hours before the scheduled time. For Monday sorts, you must cancel by noon the Friday before. If you are late, you will be charged for the time you scheduled. If your sort time runs over, you will be charged for the time you used.

    Infectious cell sorting

    The five-laser FACSAria II (Arnie) and the MoFlo XDP are contained in class II biosafety cabinets for sorting of potentially infectious samples. Contact Monica DeLay for more information on infectious cell sorting.

    After your sort

    Tell us how we’re doing! After your appointment, fill out a survey to provide feedback on your sort.