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    The Research Flow Cytometry Core (RFCC) is a shared resource laboratory serving the Cincinnati Children's research communities and surrounding institutions by providing a central location for flow cytometry instrumentation, training and education. We offer a number of services for both internal and external scientists.

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    The next ORVCA monthly users meeting is on Wednesday, April 29th from 2-3 pm in building S, Room S1.203. Rich DeMarco, Imaging Field Applications Scientist for EMD Millipore, will present "ImageStream: The Small World of Microparticles and Analysis of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (NETs).

    Our annual FREE training session for FlowJo analysis software is on Friday, April 24th from 10 am to 3 pm in D2.43 computer lab. Topics include a basic introduction to FlowJo version 10, advanced features and platforms and individual consultations. Email Monica DeLay at monica.delay@cchmc.org to register. Lunch is provided so you MUST register to attend.

    Introduction to Flow Cytometry

    New users need to complete this class prior to hands-on instrument training. This monthly class is 2 hours and covers instrument components, analysis, compensation and experimental basics. Register for this class on the ELM (Cincinnati Children's users) or email Monica DeLay for external clients. See below for future dates, times and locations. 

    Date     TimeLocation
    5/26/20152:00-4:00PM S5.125
  • Children’s employees: From the lobby of the S building, take an elevator to the 5th floor. Turn left out of the elevator bay and proceed to the R building. Our desks are located in R5543 and the office is in R5564. The instrument rooms are R5543, R5524, R5529, R5001 and R5087A. From the R building, take an elevator to the 5th floor. Turn left and then right and proceed down the hallway to our area (see room numbers above). 

    Non-Children’s employees: If you are driving to Cincinnati Children’s, please view directions, maps and information about parking. See building and room numbers above.

    When publishing data that is generated using our facility, it is necessary to properly acknowledge us in the publication since we are partially supported by three NIH P30 grants through the Division of Rheumatology’s Center for Rheumatic Disease Research (NIH AR47363), Division of Gastroenterology’s Digestive Health Center (NIH DK78392), and the Division of Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology’s Center for Excellence in Molecular Hematology (NIH DK90971).

    See below for example statements to be used for this purpose and feel free to cite a specific staff member if appropriate.

    To acknowledge our assistance:
    We would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Research Flow Cytometry Core in the Division of Rheumatology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, supported in part by NIH AR-47363, NIH DK78392 and NIH DK90971.

    To acknowledge our facility:
    All flow cytometric data were acquired using equipment maintained by the Research Flow Cytometry Core in the Division of Rheumatology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, supported in part by NIH AR-47363, NIH DK78392 and NIH DK90971.

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    Office: R5543 (Lab desks), R5564 (Main Office)

    Analyzer rooms:
    R5524: FACSCalibur's, LSR's
    R5087A: FACSCanto's
    R5543: ImageStreamX 

    Sorting Rooms:
    R5001: FACSAria's
    R5529: MoFlo XDP


    Analyzer Hours
    24 / 7 for those who have been trained by our staff

    Sorting Hours
    9 am to 6 pm Monday-Friday

    Contact Us
    General information, help and analyzer training:

    Cell sorting appointments:
    513-636-2770 - FACSAria's
    513-636-2054 - MoFlo XDP

    Analyzer rooms: