• Core Equipment

    AutoMACS Pro

    The AutoMACS Pro separator by Miltenyi Biotec is a benchtop automated magnetic cell sorter for the isolation of many cell types from multiple species. This instrument is particularly useful for enriching cell populations prior to cell sorting.  Especially useful for the isolation of rare populations, using the AutoMACS in conjunction with cell sorting results in better purity and requires less processing time.

    An AutoMACS Pro separator is available in the Rheumatology Division on the fifth floor of location R in room 5543. If you would like training, contact Ndate Fall (6-7663). So far there is no booking system because of the small number of users. Contact us for more information or questions regarding the applications of the AutoMACS Pro separator. People using the AutoMACS must provide their own reagents.

    Cellometer Vision

    An automated cell counter by Nexcelom Bioscience that measures brightfield and fluorescence in up to two channels (510-570 and 570-650nm).

    Applications include:

    • Cell counts and size distribution
    • Determination of cell viability with dyes (e.g., PI, trypan blue, acridine orange)
    • Quantifying fluorescent protein expression (e.g., GFP, YFP)
    • Counting WBCs in whole blood
    • Annexin V for detection of apoptosis

    Minimum sample concentration: 1-2e5 / ml

    Minimum sample volume: 20ul

    This instrument is available for use free of charge. However, users must supply their own counting chambers. See below for catalog numbers and pricing.

    Cat. #

    Detailed Description

    US Price

    US Price / count


    Case of 750 slides for 1,500 counts




    Case of 2,250 slides for 4,500 counts




    Case of 3,750 slides for 7,500 counts