Imaging Research Center

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    The IRC focuses on developing new, noninvasive methods for imaging and diagnosis using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and x-ray imaging. Our research projects cover a broad range of topics related to medical imaging and its use, including:

    • MRI of the brain using dynamic perfusion imaging, diffusion imaging and BOLD activation imaging
    • MRI of premature infants
    • In vivo microscopic MRI of transgenic mice
    • Structural and metabolic imaging of bones and joints
    • Image guided interventions
    • High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)
    • In vivo31P and 1H MR spectroscopy of brain metabolism
    • 3He and 129Xe hyperpolarized gas imaging
    • Design and testing of novel MRI coils

    The IRC conducts independently funded research and makes modern imaging technology available to collaborators at Cincinnati Children’s, the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, and other outside institutions.

    IRC Resources

    We offer a number of key resources for investigators whose work could be enhanced by imaging technology:

    • Dedicated research whole-body 3T MRI scanner with:
      • EEG monitoring
      • comprehensive paradigm generation capabilities for fMRI studies.
      • multi-nuclear imaging and spectroscopy
      • 32 receive channels
    • Dedicated research whole-body 1.5T MRI scanner with:
      • HIFU
      • elastography
      • in-room displays and interfaces for MR-guided interventions
      • direct connection to the cath-lab for multi-modality studies
      • BSL-2 capable
    • Animal 1.5T small-bore MRI scanner
      • mouse elastography
      • BSL-2 capable
    • Animal 7T MRI scanner
      • optimized for rat and mouse imaging
      • multi-nuclear imaging and spectroscopy
    • Interventional radiology cath-lab for animal studies with:
      • electrophysiology
      • ultrasound
      • direct connection to the whole-body 1.5T system for multi-modality studies
      • BSL-2 capable
    • Animal micro-CT scanner
    • Animal X-ray, fluoroscopy systems
    • Animal preparation suite with housing for longitudinal imaging
    • Access to clinical radiology systems
      • A 1.5T small-bore MRI scanner modified for neonatal imaging and housed in the neonatal intensive care unit
      • Access to six clinical MRI scanners including 1.5T intraoperative, 1.5T and 3T systems
      • Access to clinical CT (two), PET-CT, gamma camera (four) and US systems (six)