• Research Faculty

  • A photo of Charles Dumoulin.

    Charles Dumoulin, PhD Director, Imaging Research Center

    is interested in the physics and engineering of magnetic resonance, MRI of neonates, and interventional MRI. His interests in interventional MR include: MR-guided focused ultrasound ablation for non-invasive "surgery" and MR-guided vascular interventions in which an MR scanner is used to guide catheters for procedures such as cardiac electrophysiology.


    A photo of Alan S. Brody.

    Alan S. Brody, MD Radiologist, Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging

    focuses on imaging of the chest in cystic fibrosis and in childhood diffuse lung disease. He directs the Center for Diagnostic Imaging of the Therapeutic Development Network of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


    A photo of Kim Cecil.

    Kim M. Cecil, PhD Spectroscopist, Imaging Research Center

    focuses on the application of MR spectroscopy and imaging techniques to enhance how we characterize disease and injury; evaluating the neural effects of environmental neurotoxicants, and radiation; improving the diagnosis of inborn errors of metabolism; unraveling the etiology of neurodevelopmental disorders.



    Robert C. Coghill, PhD Director of Research, Division of Anesthesiology

    is focused on delineating the neural mechanisms supporting individual differences in pain.


    A photo of Mark DiFrancesco.

    Mark DiFrancesco, PhD Assistant Director, Pediatric Neuroimaging Research Consortium

    is interested in the use of concurrent EEG and fMRI to detect functional correlates of spontaneous brain activity, the study of the neurocognitive effects of lupus using fMRI, applying functional imaging to investigate attentional deficits arising from sleep restriction in adolescents and assessing the impact of field strength on the quality of small animal brain imaging.


    A photo of Randy Giaquinto.

    Randy O. Giaquinto Senior Imaging Research Engineer, Imaging Research Center

    is interested in RF coil design, CAD and fabrication. Mr. Giaquinto has designed RF coils and system hardware for over 30 years, and is an expert on the design and clinical application of multi-channel array RF coils for MRI of the torso, heart, head, prostate and breast.


    A photo of Scott K. Holland.

    Scott K. Holland, PhD Director, Research in Patient Services

    focuses on pediatric neuroimaging applications of MRI at high field, which includes perfusion MRI, functional MRI, micro-imaging of transgenic mice, and image processing methods.


    A photo of Yu Li.

    Yu Li, PhD

    focuses on the technological development and clinical applications of high speed MR imaging and spectroscopy. Specifically, Dr. Li is interested in RF coil array for clinical MRI, parallel imaging, image reconstruction, microcoil array for NMR spectroscopy and clinical applications of parallel imaging.


    A photo of Diana Lindquist.

    Diana M. Lindquist, PhD

    is the director for the In Vivo Micro-imaging Laboratory within the Imaging Research Center. Her research focuses on the metabolic effects of various pharmaceutical agents as measured by proton, phosphorus and carbon magnetic resonance spectroscopy.


    A photo of John Racadio.

    John M. Racadio, MD Division Chief, Interventional Radiology, Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging

    is the division chief of pediatric interventional radiology (IR) and the director of the IR research lab. Research interests include developing image guided minimally invasive techniques to treat a wide range of pediatric diseases. Additional interests include development of x-ray dose lowering IR protocols for pediatric patients. He is also interested in pediatric applications of MRI guided high intensity focused ultrasound ablation (HIFU).


    A photo of Michael Taylor.

    Michael D. Taylor, MD Director, Advanced Imaging Innovation

    is a non-invasive cardiologist interested in applications of imaging to problems of congenital and acquired heart disease. His primary research interest is cardiac MRI and its application in evaluating myocardial function and disease. He has a translational program that uses multi-modality imaging to characterize mouse models of inherited and acquired cardiomyopathies.


    A photo of Jean Tkach.

    Jean Tkach, PhD

    is focused on neonatal MRI, functional MRI, MR angiography, magnetization transfer saturation MRI, MR spectroscopy and steady state MR techniques. Dr. Tkach's research focuses on neurological disease, including white matter disease, epilepsy, brain tumors and aneurysms. In addition, she has interests in MR safety testing of medical implants.


    A photo of Jennifer Vannest.

    Jennifer J. Vannest, PhD Director, Pediatric Neuroimaging Research Consortium

    is interested in the use of functional MRI and behavioral testing to examine how epilepsy and neurodevelopmental disorders affect language function and the brain circuitry that supports it. The goal of these studies is to provide better treatment and educational strategies for children with these disorders.


    A photo of Jason Woods.

    Jason C. Woods, PhD Director, Center for Pulmonary Imaging Research

    is an imaging scientist who focuses on basic and translational pulmonary MRI and CT. His lab studies new methods for in-vivo assessment of regional pulmonary function, microstructure and physiology using hyperpolarized gases (3He and 129Xe) and 1H MRI, in addition to multi-volume CT. As new therapeutics for pulmonary diseases are developed, these new methods will be used for efficacy assessment and potential image guidance.


    A photo of Weihong Yuan.

    Weihong Yuan, PhD

    is focused on diffusion tensor imaging in children with hydrocephalus. He is also interested in the application of functional MRI and diffusion tensor imaging in other pediatric patients, such as children with epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, supratentorial tumors and spina bifida.