Adolescent and Transition Medicine

Adolescent and Transition Medicine Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Biro, F

Continued Studies of Environmental Impact on Puberty: GUF2
U01 ES 01945309/01/10-04/30/15$715,318

Braverman, P

CFHS Consortium Obesity Prevention
Train the Trainer Program on Comprehensive Sexual Health and Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Britto, M

Center of Excellence on Quality of Care Measures for Children with Complex Needs
U18 HS 02050603/01/11-02/28/15$81,308
Developing Quality Measures to Assess Pediatric Inpatient Respiratory Care
R01 HL 08850303/01/09-02/28/14$116,551
Improving Sickle Cell Transitions of Care Through Health Information Technology: Phase I

Dorn, L

The Effects of Estradiol on Genetic Risk for Disordered Eating During Puberty
R01 MH 09237709/30/10-07/31/15$10,322

Kahn, J

ATN Coordinating Center
U01 HD 04053305/28/11-02/29/16$82,338
Epidemiologic Impact of HPV Vaccination
R01 DI 10470909/28/27-01/18/13$304,991
Improving Understanding of Adolescent Vaccination through Innovative Local Public Health Demonstration Projects

Lipstein, E

Shared Decision Making in Pediatric Chronic Conditions: Biologics in IBD and JIA
K23 HD 07314908/15/12-07/31/17$121,750
Current Year Direct$1,779,139