• Current Projects

    Our studies focus on primary prevention of HPV-related disease through vaccination, and our research group focuses on answering some of the key research questions that have emerged since the development of HPV vaccines:

    • What predicted adolescent, parent and clinician attitudes about HPV vaccines pre-licensing, and what predicts clinician recommendations and adolescent uptake of HPV vaccines post-licensing?
    • Does HPV vaccination impact sexual attitudes, behaviors and STI acquisition?
    • How will HPV vaccination impact the epidemiology of HPV in the community?
    • Is vaccination safe, immunogenic and effective in immunocompromised populations?
    • What is the feasibility of vaccination in less developed regions of the world where the burden of cervical cancer is highest, and how can we maximize vaccine delivery and uptake in these regions?

  • This longitudinal study of adolescent girls who have received an HPV vaccine, their mothers, and their clinicians, examines girls’ risk perceptions, sexual behaviors and acquisition of sexually transmitted infections after vaccination.

    Grant support: R01 AI073713
    Principal Investigator: Jessica Kahn, MD, MPH

    This longitudinal study of 11- and 12-year-old girls who have received an HPV vaccine, their mothers, and their clinicians, examines communication among girls, mothers and clinicians as well as girls’ risk perceptions and behaviors after vaccination. 

    Grant support: R01 AI073713
    Principal Investigator: Jessica Kahn, MD, MPH

    These studies examine how introduction of HPV vaccines impacts HPV rates in a community setting. The studies provide insight into the “real-world” impact of HPV vaccine introduction in a community: both the effectiveness of vaccine introduction in decreasing vaccine-type HPV in vaccinated young women and men, and evidence for herd immunity, demonstrated by a decrease in vaccine-type HPV in unvaccinated young women and men.

    Grant support: K23 AI50923, R01 AI073713, and R01 AI104709
    Principal Investigator: Jessica Kahn, MD, MPH

    This is a global, online Community of Practice (CoP) developed in collaboration with the World Health Organization, which currently has more than 1,200 members from 120 countries. The goals of the HPV Vaccine CoP are to enable health professionals globally to: 1) share knowledge, experience and resources regarding cervical cancer prevention; 2) add their opinions to the global policy and practice dialogue on enhancing cervical cancer prevention programs and establishing HPV vaccination programs; and 3) access strategies for cervical cancer prevention program implementation in low- and middle-income countries.

    Grant support: WHO, PATH, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
    Principal Investigator: Jessica Kahn, MD, MPH

    Dr. Kahn serves on the Therapeutic Leadership Group of the ATN and has been involved in several protocols through this national network of investigators conducting research on adolescent HIV. Recent projects include a clinical trial of the quadrivalent HPV vaccine in HIV-positive young women to examine vaccine safety and immunogenicity, a clinical trial of the vaccine in HIV-positive men to examine efficacy, in collaboration with the AIDS Malignancy Consortium, and studies of oral HPV and other tumor viruses in HIV-infected young women and men. 

    Grant support: U01 HD040533
    Principal Investigator: Craig Wilson, MD

  • Her Point of View Study.

    Her Point of View Study 

  • My Voice Counts Study.

    My Voice Counts Study

  • HPV Surveillance Studies.

    HPV Surveillance Studies