• A photo of Jessica A. Kahn.

    Jessica A. Kahn, MD, MPH Interim Division Director, Adolescent and Transition Medicine

    is conducting research to promote cervical cancer prevention. Her interests include human papillomavirus (HPV) in adolescents, HPV and other adolescent vaccines, HIV in adolescents, and the global delivery of HPV vaccines.
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    A photo of Frank Biro.

    Frank M. Biro, MD Director of Research, Adolescent and Transition Medicine

    is researching the environmental influences on body composition and pubertal timing; impact of peripubertal changes on risk factors for breast cancer.
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    A photo of Paula Braverman.

    Paula K. Braverman, MD Director, Community Programs, Division of Adolescent and Transition Medicine

    is working to develop community programs, including teen pregnancy prevention and obesity prevention.


    A photo of Maria Britto.

    Maria T. Britto, MD, MPH Director, Center for Innovation in Chronic Disease Care

    Her research focuses on health care needs and preferences of adolescents with chronic conditions and on interventions to improve health outcomes. She is the director of the Center for Innovation in Chronic Disease Care, which seeks to accelerate improvement in outcomes for children and adolescents with chronic conditions by developing and evaluating new methods of care delivery and by applying innovative approaches to quality improvement in chronic diseases. She has served as a mentor for numerous NIH career development awards, as well as numerous other students, residents and junior faculty.

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    A photo of Lee Ann Conard.

    Lee Ann E. Conard, RPh, DO, MPH Director, Residency Education, Department of Pediatrics, UC College of Medicine


    A photo of Tanya L. Kowalczyk Mullins.
    A photo of Corinne Lehmann.

    Corinne Lehmann, MD, MEd Director, Medical Student Education (Clerkship Director), Department of Pediatrics, UC College of Medicine

    is a clinical physician in the Division of Adolescent and Transition Medicine. Her research interests in the clinical arena include the study of HIV and vaccines. Her research endeavors in medical education focus on the use of standardized patient role simulation and feedback as instructional tools in the field of adolescent medicine.


    A photo of Ellen Lipstein.

    Ellen A. Lipstein, MD, MPH

    has research interests in medical decision-making and chronic disease.


    A photo of Laurie Mitan.

    Laurie A. Mitan, MD Director, Eating Disorders Program

    is studying treatment issues in patients with eating disorders.


    A photo of Abigail Nye.

    Abigail Nye, MD Director, Transition Medicine Team


    A photo of Sherine Patterson-Rose.

    Sherine A. Patterson-Rose, MD, MPH

    is an adolescent medicine physician with an interest in clinical and public health research. Her main focus is on reproductive health disparities in the adolescent population.


    A photo of Jennifer Shoreman.
    A photo of Lea Widdice.

    Lea E. Widdice, MD Director, Fellowship Program

    is studying the epidemiology of HPV and the effects of HPV vaccination.


    A photo of Jason Woodward.

    Jason Woodward, MD, MS

    is an internal medicine-pediatrics physician and health services researcher with an interest in improving outcomes for youth with special health care needs as they transition from pediatric to adult health care.