Allergy and Immunology

Allergy and Immunology Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Barski, A

Role of Chromatin and Gene Poising in T Cell Differentiation and Activation
K22 HL 09869109/12/11-06/30/14$249,000

Fulkerson, P

Role of Spi-C in Eosinophil Development and Functional Responses
K08 AI 09367302/04/11-01/31/16$85,122

Hogan, S

Eosinophil:M2 Macrophage:CCL11 Axis in Experimental Colitis and Pediatric Corticosteroid Resistant Ulcerative Colitis
R01 DK 09011904/01/12-03/31/16$209,888
MiR-375 Regulation of CFTR Expression and CI-Secretory Function P&F

Kuo, C

Roles of CC Chemokine Activity in Mast Cell Responses and Ocular Allergy
R01 EY 01963005/01/11-07/31/13$216,236

Li, J

Immunology/Allergy Fellowship Training Grant
T32 AI 06051507/01/11-05/31/13$35,916

Lierl, M

Correlation Between Component lgE Analysis and Results of Open Oral Food Challenge to Milk, Egg and Peanut

Nanda, M

Immunology/Allergy Fellowship Training Grant
T32 AI 06051507/01/12-05/31/13$45,727

Rothenberg, M

Exploration into the Genetics of Food Allergy
Expression and Function of Paired Immunoglobulin-Like Receptor B in Eosinophils
IL-13 Associated Eosinophil Lung Responses
R01 AI 08345008/20/09-07/31/14$245,025
Immunobiology of Peanut Allergy and its Treatment: A Prototype
U19 AI 06673807/01/10-06/30/15$345,405
Regulation of Gastrointestinal Eosinophils
R37 AI 04589812/01/10-11/30/14$209,385
Epithelial Genes in Allergic Inflammation (Project 2)
U19 AI 07023509/01/2012-08/31/2013$267,544

Sherrill, J

Genetic Dysregulation of Desmoglein-1 Enhances Allergic Sensitization in Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Strauss, A / Rothenberg, M

Child Health Research Career Development Award
K12 HD 02882712/01/11-11/30/15$273,143

Wang, Y

Regulation of TH2 Memory/Effector Cells during Allergic Inflammation
R01 AI 09012905/01/10-04/30/15$232,650
Current Year Direct$2,517,042
Industry Contracts

Abonia, J


Assa'ad, A

Current Year Direct Receipts$169,117