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    Patricia C. Fulkerson, MD, PhD
    Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

    Member, Division of Allergy and Immunology
    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

    Mailing Address:
    3333 Burnet Avenue
    MLC 7028
    Cincinnati, OH 45229

    Phone: 513-803-0973
    Fax: 513-636-3310
    Email: patricia.fulkerson@cchmc.org

    Fulkerson Lab Location

    The research facilities of the Fulkerson Lab are on the main campus of Cincinnati Children’s, Location S, sixth floor, Suite 400 and the adjoining laboratory space.

  • Eosinophil Precursor Maturation

    The Fulkerson Lab recently published in the Journal of Immunology about IL-5 triggering a cooperative cytokine network that promotes eosinophil precursor maturation.Read More