Rothenberg Lab

  • Fun Events

  • First CURED EGID Research Symposium, Friday-Sunday, November 2-4, 2012
    Allergy Team at the Mini Heart Marathon.
    Montmorency Falls.
    French dodgeball.
    Dr. Rothenberg plays French dodgeball.
    Relay race.
    Team 1 for Allergy Survivor.
     Team 2 for Allergy Survivor.
    Allergy Division’s recreational soccer team.
    Anil Mishra.
    Eosinophil artwork.
    Japan trip.
    Allergy and Immunology Division photo.
    Allergy Division Halloween party 1.
    Allergy Division Halloween party 2.
    Allergy Division Halloween party 3.
    Wild Hair Wednesday.
    Original lab members.
    Dr. Rothenberg’s girls.
    Dr. Vicario-Perez.
    Hiroko Akei.
    Zhihong Wen and Dr. Rothenberg.
    2008 Research Team.
    Dress up.
    Divisional canoe trip.
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