• Meet The Lab


    Michael Jankowski, PhD

    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Jankowski is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesia, Division of Pain Management and Principal Investigator. His lab uses a multidisciplinary experimental approach to study the primary afferent based mechanisms of pain development from neonates to adulthood. 

    Michael Jankowski


    Jessica Ross

    Graduate Student

    Jessica is a third-year neuroscience doctoral student investigating the dynamic changes in muscle afferent receptor expression after injury with methods including molecular biology, ex vivo electrophysiology, behavior, and immunohistochemistry. Her current focus regards sex differences in muscle pain after ischemic injury.

    Jessica Ross


    Suzie An


    Suzie An is University of Cincinnati biology major, senior, and research lab volunteer. She is currently pursuing graduate school for genetic counseling. 

    Suzie An


    Peilin Lu, MD

    Visiting Research Scientist

    Dr. Peilin Lu is an attending anesthesiologist at West China Hospital, Sichuan University, China, currently participating in the Chinese Pediatric Anesthesiologist Research Training Program in the Department of Anesthesia at Cincinnati Children's. She is working on primary skeletal muscle sensory neurons to find out the alterations during developmental inflammation.

    Peilin Lu


    Kathryn Green


    Kathryn Green is a third year student at the University of Cincinnati. After graduating, Kathryn hopes to attend medical school in Ohio and have a career at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  She hopes to continue gaining research experience through her undergraduate years as well as when she attends medical school.

    Kathryn Green


    Luis Fernando Queme Cobar, PhD

    Research Fellow

    Luis Queme MD obtained his PhD in Cellular Information Medicine from Nagoya University in Japan where he researched the properties of muscle nociceptors in different animal models of muscle pain. He now continues his research in muscle nociceptors after ischemic events using cutting edge electrophysiology techniques to record signals from dorsal root ganglion cells.

    Luis Fernando Queme Cobar


    Xiaohua Liu, PhD

    Research Fellow

    Dr Liu obtained her PhD in physiology from Medical School of Xi’an Jiaotong University in China. Dr Liu started her postdoctoral research in Dr Jankowski’lab in July, 2014.

    Xiaohua Liu


    Renita Hudgins, BA, MS

    Research Assistant IV

    Renita C. Hudgins obtained her Masters in Biochemistry from Youngstown State University and continued graduate studies at Miami University of Ohio. Renita is currently working on the gene expression profile of growth hormone receptor knock-out mice during development and their behavioral response to mechanical and thermal stimuli before & after peripheral injury. 

    Renita Hudgins

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