• Research Faculty

  • A photo of C. Dean Kurth.
    A photo of Lori Aronson.

    Lori A. Aronson, MD Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia

    is a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist, an educator and a mentor. She is the director of the Advanced Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia Fellowship and a leader of anesthesia resident, fellow, and staff education throughout her career. She currently leads and manages a pediatric anesthesia board review lecture series in the department and at national level.


    A photo of Anne Boat.

    Anne Boat, MD Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist and director of Fetal Anesthesia. Her academic interests include education and research in fetal anesthesia and quality improvement in pediatric anesthesia. Anne is also the patient/family experience officer for Cincinnati Children’s. She is responsible for the patient/family experience quality improvement work and patient experience survey results.



    Veronica O. Busso, MD

    is a staff pediatric anesthesiologist whose specialties include general anesthesia, radiology based anesthesia, and intra-operative neuromonitoring. She is currently working with the Craniofacial Collaboration and Deep Brain Stimulation outcomes focus groups with a desire to improve clinical outcomes in these patient populations. In addition, she is interested in the use of intra-operative neuoromonitoring to better understand epilepsy.


    A photo of Vidya Chidambaran.

    Vidya Chidambaran, MD Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist and acute pain physician with special interests in personalization of pediatric analgesia and opioid pharmacogenomics, optimization of drug (propofol) dosing in morbidly obese children by study of pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics, evaluation of factors leading to persistent postoperative pain and use of capnography for early detection of opioid induced respiratory depression.


    Robert C. Coghill, PhD Director of Research, Division of Anesthesiology

    is focused on delineating the neural mechanisms supporting individual differences in pain.


    A photo of Steve Danzer.

    Steve C. Danzer, PhD

    is a developmental neurobiologist with a research program examining the role of adult-generated hippocampal granule cells in the development of epilepsy. Research on the impact of granule cells in autism is a second lab focus. Techniques used include models of epilepsy and autism, confocal microscopy, electrophysiology, immunohistochemistry, organotypic slice culture, and genetic manipulations of target genes.
    Visit the Danzer Lab.


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    Hilary A. Flint, DO, MEd Pediatrician, Palliative Medicine Specialist, Department of Anesthesia

    is a pediatrician that specializes in palliative medicine, pain and symptom management as well as the care for medically fragile children. Her primary research interest is developing palliative medicine educational interventions for pediatric residents and fellows which focus on training medical learners to communicate effectively with patients and families as well as how to care for patients with serious illness.


    A photo of Kenneth Goldschneider.

    Kenneth R. Goldschneider, MD, FAAP Director, Pain Management Center

    is interested in chronic pain in children and young adults. He is involved in several long-term studies of pain in children as well as in developing evidence-based pain care guidelines for epidermolysis bullosa. He is a founding member of the Pediatric Research Network for Pain (PRN-Pain), a collaborative organization of North American pediatric  institutions dedicated to working in coordination with  government and industry entities to improve pain research in children. 


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    Joel B. Gunter, MD Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia


    A photo of Nancy S. Hagerman.

    Nancy S. Hagerman, MD

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist and medical director of Same Day Surgery and Pre-Anesthesia Consultation Clinic. Her academic interests include outcomes related to preoperative evaluation and preparation for pediatric anesthesia, preoperative pediatric anxiety and related outcomes, and quality improvement science and its role in pediatric anesthesia.


    A photo of Elizabeth A. Hein.

    Elizabeth A. Hein, MD Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia


    A photo of Clifford Oscar Hoffman.

    Clifford O. Hoffmann, MD Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia


    A photo of Michael Jankowski.

    Michael P. Jankowski, PhD

    is a neuroscientist with expertise in molecular biology, electrophysiology and neuroanatomy. His basic and translational research program analyzes the molecular mechanisms of musculoskeletal pain and the developmental plasticity of sensory neurons before and after peripheral injury. Specifically, the laboratory focuses on effects of inflammation and ischemia on muscle afferent sensitization, and how neonatal injuries can alter the function of sensory neurons both during development and into adulthood.

    Visit the Jankowski Lab.


    A photo of Thomas J. Kabalin.

    Thomas J. Kabalin, MD Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia


    A photo of Michael J. Kibelbek.

    Michael J. Kibelbek, MD Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia



    Christopher D. King, PhD

    investigates the mechanisms related to the development and persistence of chronic pain and altered sensory processing in adults and children using several multidisciplinary techniques to evaluate physiological reactivity of stress-related biomarkers, psychological factors that may co-vary with altered sensory processing, and the use of quantitative sensory testing to examine differences in the processing of experimental pain stimuli.


    A photo of Renee Kreeger.

    Renee Kreeger, MD

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist who specializes in anesthesia for congenital heart disease. Her other interests include anesthesia safety and quality improvement, as well as neurologic outcome after cardiac surgery. She serves as the associate safety officer for the Department of Anesthesia and is currently a co-investigator in clinical research examining neurologic monitoring during congenital cardiac surgery and its effect on outcome.


    A photo of Jennifer Lam.

    Jennifer E. Lam, DO Physician, Department of Anesthesia

    is a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist and serves as the director of the pediatric cardiac anesthesia fellowship. She is also responsible for staff medical education and anesthesia grand rounds. She is very involved in fellow and resident education, providing formal lectures and mentorship throughout the year. In addition, Jennifer sits on the hospital’s Blood Utilization Review Committee as a representative for the department.



    Christopher S. Lee, MD Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist whose primary basic science and translational research interest is exploring the protective effects of ischemic conditioning on tissue injury, sensory transduction and pain. Secondary interests include blood product management and pediatric regional anesthesia. 


    A photo of Erica Lin.

    Erica P. Lin, MD Attending Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia

    is a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist. As the departmental expert in ventricular assist devices, she coordinates care for our heart failure patients with implanted devices. She also facilitates VAD-training among the pediatric cardiac anesthesia division. Erica is also actively involved in fellow and resident education. Her basic research interests focus on hypoxia-ischemia and its effect on neurodevelopmental outcome.


    A photo of Andreas Loepke.

    Andreas W. Loepke, MD, PhD Staff Anesthesiologist, Division of Cardiac Anesthesia

    is a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist and clinician-scientist who directs a research laboratory investigating the effects of anesthetics on the developing brain. He chairs the department’s Data Safety Monitoring Board and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board for the journal Pediatric Anesthesia as well as the SmartTots Affiliate Advisory Council for the International Anesthesia Research Society.
    Visit the Loepke Lab.


    A photo of Mohamed Mahmoud.

    Mohamed A. Mahmoud, MD Staff Anesthesiologist

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist who has clinical research programs in pediatric airway morphology and neuromonitoring. His primary research interest is examining the effect of currently available anesthetic agents on the upper airway morphology in children with history of obstructive sleep apnea. Effect of anesthesia on neuromonitoring modalities is a second clinical research focus.


    A photo of John McAuliffe III.
    A photo of Mark Meyer.

    Mark Meyer, MD Medical Director, Pediatric Palliative and Comfort Care Team

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist and palliative care physician with quality improvement research interests in opioid safety and communication. He possesses special clinical expertise in pediatric cancer pain and symptom management in life-threatening illness.


    A photo of David Moore.

    David L. Moore, MD

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist and pain management physician, with interests in education of regional anesthesia and pain medicine. His research investigates use of simulation in education, relation of education to pain management outcomes, and role of anxiety and regional anesthesia on pain management outcomes.


    A photo of Jacquelyn Morillo-Delerme.
    A photo of Pornswan Ngamprasertwong.

    Pornswan Ngamprasertwong, MD, MSc Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia

    is an anesthesiologist and physician scientist. Her research focus is in the area of fetal-neonatal anesthesia and pharmacology. Her expertise is in fetal-neonatal anesthesia and research related to pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics of anesthetic drugs and developmental physiology. She has participated as principle investigator and co-investigator in many pharmacokinetics and personalized medicine research at Cincinnati Children’s, using various anesthetic agents in both human and animal model.


    A photo of Vanessa Olbrecht.

    Vanessa A. Olbrecht, MD, MBA Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist and acute pain physician with interests in understanding opioid-induced effects on tumor biology, recurrence and metastasis and determining whether perioperative administration of narcotics influences long-term clinical outcomes in children having tumor resections. She is currently working with Dr. John Perentesis’ group in the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute.


    A photo of Mario Patino.

    Mario Patino, MD Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist with a research interest in the evaluation of new innovative monitoring technology during the perioperative care of children, such as non-invasive continuous hemoglobin measurements with the use of pulse CO-oximetry and the use of acoustic technology to monitor the respiratory status of children. He also has research interest on children’s airway morphology, specifically in children with obstructive sleep apnea.


    A photo of Nick Pratap.

    Nick Pratap, MB BChir, MRCPCH, FRCA Congenital Cardiac Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia

    investigates the use of monitoring in the operating room and cardiac intensive care unit. The goal of his research is to improve clinical outcomes after open heart surgery in young infants. He is also working on novel ways of partnering with families to prepare their children for surgery.


    A photo of Joseph Previte.

    Joseph P. Previte, MD, FAAP Director, Anesthesia Information and Communication Services


    A photo of John Rose.

    John B. Rose, MD Co-Director, Inpatient Pain Rehabilitation Program

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist with clinical expertise and research interest in the management of chronic pain in children and adolescents. His research interests also include quality improvement in chronic pediatric pain management and opiate safety in children.


    A photo of Sadhasivam Senthilkumar.

    Senthilkumar Sadhasivam, MD, MPH

    is director of Perioperative Pain Service, has clinical interests in regional anesthesia, fetal anesthesia and perioperative pain management. His funded clinical research aims to improve anesthetic outcomes and personalizing pain management. He mentors junior faculty with clinical research, especially pharmacogenetic and pharmacokinetic research to improve perioperative outcomes in children.


    A photo of Nancy Samol.
    A photo of Paul Samuels.

    Paul J. Samuels, MD Director of Education, Department of Anesthesia

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist and the director of education in the Department of Anesthesia. His clinical and research interests include measurement of technical skill acquisition, pediatric obesity, and medical simulation.


    A photo of Ximena Soler.

    Ximena Soler, MD Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia


    A photo of James Spaeth.

    James P. Spaeth, MD Director, Cardiac Anesthesia

    is a pediatric cardiac anesthesiologist and the director of Cardiac Anesthesia. His clinical research interests include the effect of congenital cardiac disease and cardiac surgery on neurodevelopmental outcomes, and the use of cerebral monitoring during the perioperative period. He is also involved in quality improvement work focused on improving the safety of pediatric anesthesia.


    A photo of Rajeev Subramanyam.

    Rajeev Subramanyam, MD, MS

    is a health services and outcomes researcher in children undergoing surgery and anesthesia or sedation. He has a special interest in tonsillectomy and sleep apnea population. Health economics is a second research focus. 


    A photo of Alexandra Szabova.

    Alexandra Szabova, MD Director, Pain Management Fellowship

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist with interest in chronic pediatric pain medicine. She is on staff at the Pain Management Center and a program director of the Pediatric Pain Medicine Fellowship at Cincinnati Children’s. Her area of expertise includes musculoskeletal/back pain in children and young adults and related clinical outcome research.


    A photo of Rachel Thienprayoon.

    Rachel Thienprayoon, MD, MSCS Medical Director, StarShine Hospice

    is a clinical researcher focusing on racial/ethnic disparities in hospice enrollment in children, quality indicators in pediatric hospice care, and systems delivery of hospice care to children.


    A photo of Anna Varughese.

    Anna M. Varughese, MD, MPH Anesthesia Divisional Chief, Department of Anesthesia

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist with an interest in quality improvement, outcomes and health services research. Her current work is centered on measuring perioperative quality outcomes and developing predictive models to improve outcomes as well as optimizing resources, efficiency and flow in the perioperative arena.


    A photo of Eric Wittkugel.

    Eric P. Wittkugel, MD Staff Anesthesiologist, Department of Anesthesia

    is a pediatric anesthesiologist and a mentor with a research and education focus on quality improvement and safety in outpatient pediatric anesthesia. His research focuses on the use of quality improvement methods to optimize preanesthetic evaluation and clinical outcomes for children undergoing ambulatory surgery. His clinical interests include anesthesia for airway surgery and for children with epidermolysis bullosa.