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    Health disparities are preventable differences in the burden of disease. There is a broad, complex, and interrelated array of factors that lead to disparities in health, and minority and low-income families are especially vulnerable. In fact it affects certain racial and ethnic minorities, as well as individuals from lower socioeconomic classes. Dr. Butsch Kovacic and her team from Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center have partnered with the community groups, Core Change and Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses in order to research ways to close this health gap and to improve the health of the community using a Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) approach. CBPR is when the unique strengths of researchers & community members are recognized & together they identify the community’s health needs, design & conduct a research study, interpret the results & share them with the larger community soon thereafter. These studies often lead to health interventions for issues identified. Importantly, CBPR does not involve experimental medications. To begin, the 7 Hills Registry was begun to help each partner obtain data to be used in grants to fund CBPR projects at 7 Hills. Nearly 30 families have already consented & 7 community members have agreed to serve on a Community Health Advisory Committee. By partnering with 7 Hills, Dr. Butsch Kovacic hopes to better understand how the environment and exposures to common pollutants in the air from traffic and tobacco smoke as well as dietary factors influence health and disease (i.e. asthma).

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    HopeFest 2013

    On June 29, 2013 the Asthma Research Division at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center participated in the 2nd Annual HopeFest at Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine.  The event, which consisted of Health and Educational Professionals from several different organizations were on site to answer questions and provide services to families in need.  The health experts at HopeFest were able to screen and distribute information on asthma, mental health, preventing injuries, childhood obesity & diabetes, nutrition, speech & hearing.  The Asthma Research Division organized the health screening booths provided by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and provided health screenings to over 200 children.  The event was sponsored by the advocacy group; Consider the Poor and New Life Covenant Cincinnati.

    Division of Asthma Research, Sr. Specialist - Project Manager - Tia Patterson at HopeFest 2013

    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Employees at HopeFest 2013