• Mersha Research Lab

    Dr. Tesfaye Mersha is currently an Assistant Professor in human quantitative genetics specializing in asthma and asthma- related traits.  His experience encompasses on statistical genetics methodologies and applied genetic data analysis to localize common complex disease genes.  Dr. Mersha’s lab long-term goals are to understand and dissect the role of genetic and genetic-modifying causes of asthma and reduce health disparities in children.  Current research interests/ approaches of the Mersha Lab include 1.) Admixture Mapping, 2.) Association Mapping, 3.) Gene Expression Analysis, 4.) Biological Pathways / Networks Analysis, 5.) Data Mining and Integration, 6.) Socio-Cultural and Exposure Studies.


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    Tesfaye Mersha, PhD's headshot.
    Tesfaye Mersha, PhD
    Assistant Professor
    Division of Asthma Research
    Department of Pediatrics
    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
    MLC 7037
    3333 Burnet Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45229
    Phone: 513-803-2766
    Fax: 513-636-1657