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    Scale Development Unit

    Our lab focuses on scale development − the creation and validation of new measures for use in medical settings. Although many people consider measure development to be restricted to pencil and paper applications, much like the tests people take in school, measures can also be developed and applied using handheld computers, electronic monitoring devices and sophisticated scanning and imaging techniques. Whether a researcher is interested in the responses of children to questions about trauma in the emergency room or estimating bone mineral content through imaging, or describing changes in behavior using a satellite tracking system, scale development can improve the quality of information obtained in pediatric medicine.

    The lab is headed by Richard Ittenbach, PhD, a Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at Cincinnati Children’s.

  • Lab Publications

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    Quatman-Yates, C. C., Gupta, R., Paterno, M. V., Schmitt, L. C., Quatman, C. E., & Ittenbach, R. F. Internal consistency and validity of the QuickDASH instrument for upper extremity injuries in older childrenJ Pediatr Orthopedics. in press.

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