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    + Measuring Voluntary Consent and Parental Perception of Control with Respect to Treatment Decision Making

    This proposed research will continue development of a new voluntary consent measure for parents making research-related treatment decisions for their seriously ill children. This project is a secondary data analysis of existing voluntariness data, gathered in acute care settings using a refined version of the Decision Making Control Instrument.

    + Validation of the Diabetes Self-Management Profile

    The purpose of this study is to formally evaluate the properties of the Diabetes Self-Management Profile for children with type 1 diabetes. This instrument is currently used in many clinical and research settings. 

    + Development and Validation of the Health Care Beliefs Inventory (HCBI)

    The purpose of this project is to develop a measure of healthcare beliefs for young adults with a history of childhood cancer. Related efforts are also under way to update and validate a measure of treatment intensity for children and adolescents with cancer.

    + Measuring psychosocial behavior with respect to condom use behavior among sexually transmitted women

    The purpose of this study is to determine the psychosocial factors related to condom use among women who are at substantial risk for acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. This is a secondary data analysis based on a 6-month prospective follow-up study.

    + Reliability and validity of Anterior knee pain scale

    The objective of this project is to investigate and document the reliability and validity of the Anterior Knee Pain Scale (AKPS) relative to its prediction accuracy of anterior knee pain diagnosis in young female athletes.