• Graduate Programs & Events in Biomedical Informatics

    The Biomedical Informatics team at Cincinnati Children's and the University of Cincinnati offer leading graduate programs in biomedical informatics, including a PhD program and a graduate certificate program. These programs allow students to engage in world-class research while embedded in one of the premier healthcare centers in the nation. Watch our video.

    We also offer several event series for the research community at Cincinnati Children's, the University of Cincinnati, and UC Health:

    • A weekly Speaker Series where researchers discuss current work in biomedical and clinical informatics
    • A monthly Services Series featuring the support services we offer to the research community and a case study from a researcher's perspective
    • A clinical informatics focus group
    • Several software training opportunities
    • Monthly application specialist meetings

    Click on the headings below for details and upcoming speaker schedules.

    • The Department of Biomedical Informatics at Cincinnati Children's and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine offer exciting graduate-level programs that give students the opportunity to engage in cutting-edge research while being embedded in one of the premier healthcare centers in the nation. Watch our video for an inside look at our program and faculty.

      Two graduate-level programs are currently being offered:

      Future plans call for the addition of master's-level and fellowship programs.

      The biomedical informatics department is the academic home for informatics faculty at UC and Cincinnati Children's. Students in degree programs work in an exciting environment where basic and applied scientific principles are pursued within a team science framework to better understand many of the fundamental challenges of biomedical research and healthcare. The partnership between two premier institutions provides a unique opportunity for trainees to explore fundamental biomedical problems and quickly transform insights into improvements in health. 

      The BMI Speaker Series focuses on topics in biomedical and clinical informatics. All interested Cincinnati Children's and University of Cincinnati faculty, staff and students are welcome. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive email notices about upcoming events.

      Upcoming Seminars:

      Fri Jan 8, 11 amNathan Salomonis, PhD

      Assistant Professor, Division of Biomedical Informatics, Cincinnati Children's.

      "Novel cardiomyopathy splicing defects revealed by isogenic modeling of human RBM20 mutations"
      Fri Jan 15, 11 am        Joshua Benoit, PhD
      Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Cincinnati. “Combined genomic, transcriptomic, and physiological approaches to examine convergent aspects of insect matrotrophy”
      Fri Jan 22, 11 am    Roman Jandarov, PhD
      Assistant Professor, Department of Environmental Health, University of Cincinnati. "Challenges in analysis of health effects of multi-pollutant exposure in cohort studies"
      Fri Jan 29, 11 amTesfaye Mersha, PhD

      Assistant Professor, Asthma Research, Cincinnati Children's.  “Genomic Ancestry and Big Data in Disease Genomics”

      Fri Feb 5, 11 amAndrew F. Beck, MD, MPH
      Assistant Professor, Division of Hospital Medicine, Cincinnati Children's. "Geographic analysis of data"
      Fri Feb 12, 11 amJoshua Courter, PharmD
      Clinical Specialist, Pharmacy, Cincinnati Children's."Shaping data into meaningful information: Metrics and insights for clinical outcomes"
      Fri Feb 19, 11 amLeah Kottyan, PhD
      Assistant Professor, Center for Autoimmune Genomics and Etiology, Cincinnati Children's. Topic TBD.

      Fri Feb 26, 11 am

      Kakajan Komurov, PhD
      Assistant Professor, Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology, Cincinnati Children's. "Mining cancer genomes for mechanisms and vulnerabilities"
      Fri Mar 4, 11 amAnya Sanchez, MD, MBA
      Administrative Director, UC Health. "Stroke and telehealth initiatives"
      Fri Mar 11, 11 amLong (Jason) Lu, PhD
      Associate Professor, Division of Biomedical Informatics, Cincinnati Children's. Topic TBD.
      Fri Mar 18, 11 amAlexey Porollo, PhD
      Assistant Professor, Center for Autoimmune Genomics and Etiology, Cincinnati Children's. "What can we learn from the co-evolving residues in proteins? Protein structure and function annotations using the coevolution analysis"
      Fri Mar 25, 11 amNo Seminar
      Holiday for the University of Cincinnati
      Fri Apr 1, 11 amDaniel MacArthur, PhD

      Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School and Associate Director of Medical and Population Genetics, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. Topic TBD.

      Fri April 8, 11 amZhe (Jay) Shan, PhD

      Assistant Professor, Department of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems, University of Cincinnati College of Business. "An Ontology-based Hierarchical Clustering Method for Healthcare Texts"

      Fri Apr 15, 11 amBruce Aronow, PhD
      Professor, Division of Biomedical Informatics, Cincinnati Children's. "Bioinformatics of molecular medicine"
      Fri Apr 22, 11 am   

      Brian Raney, PhD

      Genome Browser Engineer, Univ of California Santa Cruz Genome Browser. "The UCSC Genome Browser: Bells and whistles"

      Fri Apr 29, 11 amCynthia A. Prows, MSN
      Genetics Clinical Nurse Specialist, Division of Human Genetics, Cincinnati Children's. "Development of a nimble and effective genomics clinical decision support template"
      Fri May 6, 11 amSarah Beal, PhD
      Assistant Professor, Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology. Topic TBD.
      Fri May 13, 11 amBradley Eilerman, MD
      St. Elizabeth Physicians. Topic TBD.
      Fri May 20, 11 amSpeaker not yet scheduledS10.130
      Fri May 27, 11 amSpeaker not yet scheduledS7.125

      These monthly presentations are targeted to help research faculty and staff at Cincinnati Children's and the University of Cincinnati learn how to work with the Biomedical Informatics team to support research data needs. Each talk includes a case study from a researcher discussing project experiences and is followed by a forum discussion. 

      Date SpeakerTopicLocation
      Wed Sept 23, 10 amGreg Franseth, Gajra Arya, Brett HarnettBiomedical Informatics Services for Researchers: What We Can Do for You
      Download Presentation
      Thur Oct 15, 10 amJohn Stullenberger, Andy Rupert Jeremy Nix

      Application Development: Custom Study Management Tools
      Download Presentation

      Thur Nov 12, 10 amAndy Rupert Custom Software Development for Research: When Your Needs Go Beyond Standard Tools
      Download Presentation


      Wed Dec 16, 10 amPrakash Velayutham, Nathan SalomonisGenomic Analysis and High Performance Cluster Computing
      Download Presentation   
      View Recording

      Thur Jan 21, 10 am

      Don Moore, Natalie Reno

      Your Research is Safe With Us: Data and Software Hosting Through BMI
      Download Presentation
      View Recording

      Thur Feb 18, 10 amJarek Meller, Nathan SalomonisData Analysis Tools for ResearchersS1.203
      Wed Mar 16, 10 amNO EVENT SCHEDULED   
      Wed Apr 20, 10 amJames Morgan  Biobanking Software SystemS1.204
      Thur May 19, 10 amRon Bryson, Parth Divekar, Jeremy Nix

      Data Services


      Join us! Let's work together to use electronic health records and other data sources for research and improving patient care. These working meetings will focus on sharing information and improving current projects, manuscripts, and grants in progress. Meetings are open to all interested parties from Cincinnati Children's, the University of Cincinnati, and UC Health.

      All meetings will take place at noon on the first and third Tuesdays of every month. Subscribe to our listserv to receive notice of upcoming events. Dates and room locations are as follows:

      Peter White, PhD
      Director, Biomedical Informatics, Cincinnati Children's and UC 
      Tues Jan 5D2.40Noon
      Brett Harnett
      Director, UC Center for Health Informatics
      "UC TriNetX: A Self-Service Patient Cohort Identification Trial"
      Tues Jan 19S5.125Noon
      Phil Hagedorn, MD
      Instructor, Division of Hospital Medicine
      "Informatics Residency Program"
      Tues Feb 2S5.125Noon
      Brian Connolly, PhD
      Research Associate, Div of Biomedical Informatics, Cincinnati Children's
      "More than words: Transcribing psychiatric Interviews"
      Tues Feb 16T8.334Noon
      Christopher Lindsell, PhD
      Associate Dean for Clinical Research, UC College of Medicine
      Topic TBD 
      Tues Mar 1D2.40Noon
      Frank Fernandez, MD
      Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Cincinnati
      "Implementation of the SEP-1 Sepsis core measure"
      Tues Mar 15S5.125Noon
      John Pestian, PhD, MBA
      Professor, Div of Biomedical Informatics
      Topic TBD
      Tues Apr 5S5.125Noon

      Matthew Leonard
      Data Warehouse Analyst, Div of Biomedical Informatics, Cincinnati Children's
      "Transitioning Reports for Neonatology to ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes" 

      Tues Apr 19S5.125Noon
      Ben Glass
      Application Developer, Div of Biomedical Informatics, Cincinnati Children's
      Topic TBD
      Tues May 3S3.125Noon
      Tues May 17S5.125Noon
      Tues June 7S5.125Noon
      Tues June 21S7.125Noon
      Tues July 5D2.40Noon
      Tues July 19S7.125Noon
      Tues Aug 2S7.125Noon
      Tues Aug 16S5.125Noon

      The Division of Biomedical Informatics offers training on various software packages used for research purposes. Upcoming training events include:

      REDCap. REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure, web-based application designed exclusively to support data capture for research studies, allowing users to build and manage online surveys and databases quickly and securely. Various levels of training are offered on an ongoing basis for researchers at Cincinnati Children's and the University of Cincinnati. For a complete schedule of upcoming training opportunities, visit UC's Center for Clinical & Translational Science & Training (CCTST).

      University of Cincinnati Libraries Workshops. The UC Libraries offer an array of workshops covering library resources, data management, and software applications. To see complete workshop offerings including course names, descriptions, dates, and times, visit the registration link. Cincinnati Children's employees are eligible to attend the classes. Visitors with a UC Central login can register themselves: click on the "Register" button for the class you wish to attend, login with you Central Login username and password, and click "Register." You will receive an automatic email confirmation of your registration. If you do not have a UC Central login, email Lauren Mills from your CCHMC email account to register.

      Biomedical Informatics sponsors a monthly meeting for application specialists at Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation. The goal of these meetings is to keep everyone updated on the latest resources and services available to Cincinnati Children's researchers and to discuss any research IT-related issues.

      All research application specialists are welcome to attend. Meetings typically are scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month at 10:30 am in S11.100. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive information about upcoming meeting dates and topics.