• Current Projects

  • GenomeTrafac.

    Name: GenomeTrafac

    Purpose: Web-accessible database resource that allows genome-wide detection and characterization of compositionally similar cis-clusters that occur in gene orthologs between any two genomes for both microRNA genes and conventional RNA-encoding genes.

    Access: http://genometrafac.cchmc.org

    Help: http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/research/divisions/b/bmi/resource-service/


    Name: PolyDoms

    Purpose: Integrates the results of multiple algorithmic procedures and functional criteria applied to the entire Entrez dbSNP dataset. PolyDoms provides a means to derive a list of candidate SNPs to be evaluated in experimental or epidemiological studies for impact on protein functions and disease risk associations.

    Access: http://polydoms.cchmc.org

    Help: http://info.chmcc.org/help/polydoms/index.html

    ToppGene Suite.
    ToppGene Suite.

    Name: ToppGene Suite

    Purpose: A one-stop portal for (i) gene list functional enrichment,  (ii) candidate gene prioritization using either functional annotations or network analysis and (iii) identification and prioritization of novel disease candidate genes in the interactome.

    Access: http://toppgene.cchmc.org

    Help: http://toppgene.cchmc.org/help/help.jsp


    Name: ToppCluster

    Purpose: Web server that leverages a powerful enrichment analysis and underlying data environment for comparative analyses of multiple gene lists. ToppCluster’s functionalities enable the identification of specialized biological functions and regulatory networks and systems biology-based dissection of biological states

    Access: http://toppcluster.cchmc.org

    Help: http://toppcluster.cchmc.org/help/


    Name: PhenoHM

    Purpose: Human-mouse comparative phenome-genome server that facilitates cross-species identification of genes associated with orthologous phenotypes. By cross-mapping mouse-human phenotype terms, extracting implicated genes and extrapolating phenotype-gene associations between species, PhenoHM enables rapid identification of genes that trigger similar outcomes in human and mouse.

    Access: http://phenome.cchmc.org

    Help: http://phenome.cchmc.org/help


    Name: GATACA

    Purpose:  GATACA or Gene(tic) Associations To Anatomy and Clinical Abnormalities is a disease-centered knowledgebase that enables biomedical researchers to explore, analyze and hypothesize genetic pathways, networks and processes responsible for disease.

    Access: http://gataca.cchmc.org

    Status: Ongoing