• Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology Research

    Research within the Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology (BMCP) focuses on improving long-term outcomes for patients by revealing the interactions among behavior, biology, family environment, community and child health. Our research faculty seek to translate our research into care practices and techniques that will directly impact the health and well being of today’s children.

    Our faculty members consistently receive NIH funding to sustain programmatic research focused on several significant public health issues including obesity, nutrition and eating, sleep problems, pain disorders, childhood abuse, headaches, maternal depression, cystic fibrosis, sickle cell disease, and the neuropsychology of brain tumors and traumatic brain injuries. In addition, we are home to three nationally recognized, innovative centers for research addressing improvements in the pediatric care of ADHD, adherence issues and treatment of chronic diseases and conditions, and community awareness of pediatric obesity and childhood diseases.

    BMCP also supports an internal quantitative methods and data core. This core coordinates collective research needs and develops highly unique web-based solutions that have transformed assessment, data capture and intervention and treatment delivery. We directly support research and clinical integration efforts in our drive to improve clinical outcomes and quality of care for patients and their families.  

  • Research and Training Details

    Joint Appointment Faculty2
    Research Fellows11
    Research Students63
    Support Personnel62
    Direct Annual Grant Support$7,230,814
    Direct Annual Industry Support$19,250
    Peer Reviewed Publications114

    Clinical Activities and Training

    Clinical Staff45
    Staff Physicians30
    Clinical Fellows3
    Clinical Students5
    Other Students35
    Inpatient Encounters4,770
    Outpatient Encounters43,700