Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology

Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Ammerman, R

Engaging Father's in Home Visitation: Incorporation of a Co-Parenting Intervention
R01 HD 06943108/10/12-06/30/17$410,917
Treatment of Maternal Depression in Home Visitation: Mother and Child Impacts
R01 MH 08749908/15/10-06/30/15$397,579

Beebe, D

Effect of Adolescent Sleep Restriction on Neural & Neural Behavioral Functioning
R01 HL 09214909/01/09-07/31/13$291,315

Crosby, L

Patient-Provider Interventions to Improve Transition to Adult Care in SCD
K07 HL 10872008/18/11-07/31/15$370,462

Drotar, D

Enhancing Treatment Adherence and Health Outcomes
T32 HD 06822305/01/12-04/30/17$216,807
Self-Management of Type 1 Diabetes During Adolescence
R56 DK 06948609/19/12-09/18/13$28,000
Promoting Treatment Adherence in Adolescent Leukemia
R01 CA 11916209/28/07-07/31/2013$526,361

Epstein, J

Evaluation of an Intervention for Improving Community-Based Pediatric ADHD Care
R01 MH 08366508/12/10-07/31/15$360,209
Examining the Biological Basis of ADHD
K24 MH 06447807/15/10-06/30/15$166,029

Hommel, K

Telehealth Enhancement of Adherence to Medication in Pediatric IBD (TEAM Study)
R01 HD 06717408/01/11-07/31/16$411,146

Kashikar-Zuck, S

Behavioral Interventions and Long Term Outcomes in Juvenile Fibromyalgia Syndrome
K24 AR 05668708/01/09-07/31/14$102,606
Longitudinal Determination of Outcomes of Adolescents with Fibromyalgia
R01 AR 05484208/01/09-07/31/14$266,777

Langberg , J

2/2 Multisite Study of School Based Treatment Approaches for ADHD Adolescents
R01 MH 08286508/01/09-06/30/14$213,840

Mitchell, M

Cincinnati Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences and Training (Community Engagement)
UL1 TR 00007704/03/09-03/31/14$70,913

Modi, A

Supporting Treatment Adherence Regimens in Pediatric Epilepsy: The STAR Trial
R01 HD 07311504/01/13-03/31/18$408,444

Noll, J

Abused and Non-abused Females High Risk Online Behaviors: Impact on Development
R01 HD 07313008/10/12-06/30/17$414,391
Health and Wellbeing of Sexually Abused Females and Offspring: 25 and 27 Yr Follow-up
R01 HD 07246802/11/13-01/31/18$457,970

Pai, A

Nonadherence: Undermining Health Outcomes in Pediatric HSCT?
R01 CA 15746003/01/12-02/28/17$313,286
TAKE IT: Teen Adherence in Kidney Transplant Effectiveness of Intervention Trial
R01 DK 09297709/01/11-05/31/16$57,365

Powers, S

Research Training in Child Behavior and Nutrition
T32 DK 06392907/01/08-06/30/13$234,168

Powers, S / Hershey, A (MPI)

Amitriptyline and Topiramate in the Prevention of Childhood Migraine
U01 NS 07678809/30/11-08/31/16$2,414,730

Stark, L

Clinic and Home Family Based Behavioral Treatment for Obese Preschoolers: LAUNCH
R01 DK 09125109/20/11-08/31/16$418,706

Tamm, L

Executive Function/Metacognitive Training for At-Risk Preschoolers
R34 MH 09511-01A107/01/12-06/30/15$150,000
Reading ICARD: Interventions for Children with Attention and Reading Disorders
R01 HD 06061704/01/10-02/28/15$286,795

Zeller, M

Dietary Intake & Eating Behavior in Adolescents who Undergo Bariatric Surgery (Teen Intake)
R01 DK 08073806/01/08-06/30/13$28,593
Tracking Adolescents After Bariatric Surgery: Substance, HIV and Suicide Risks
R01 DA 033415-0105/15/12-04/30/17$296,043
Current Year Direct$9,313,452