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    Our team members come from a variety of backgrounds, and focus on a range of interests. Learn more about our members, and contact them with questions:

  • A photo of Lori E. Crosby, PsyD.
    A photo of Lori E. Crosby, PsyD.

    Lori E. Crosby, PsyD

    Lori Crosby is the PI of this lab, co-director of Innovations, co-director of training for the CCTST Community Engagement Core, and a member of the Center for Self-Management and Adherence, Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute, and the Chronic Care Research Group.

    Email: lori.crosby@cchmc.org

    Lori E. Crosby, PsyD

    A photo of Emilie Graham, RD, LD.
    A photo of Emilie Graham, RD, LD.

    Emilie Graham, RD, LD

    Emilie is a graduate research assistant, nutrition graduate student and registered dietitian who works on the iTransition study and the 5-2-1-0 project to combat childhood obesity. In addition, she is a graphic artist and provides assistance in designing study and educational materials.

    Email: emilie.graham@cchmc.org

    Emilie Graham, RD, LD

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    Aubrey Culp, BS
    Aubrey is a graduate research assistant  whose interests are in  community health, genetics, and wellness programs. She assists with a number of sickle-cell disease related research projects.
    Phone: 513-636-9330
    Email: aubrey.culp@cchmc.org

    Kara Brown, BA
    Kara is a graduate research assistant whose interests are in pediatric psychology. She is particularly interested in coping and adjustment during hospitalizations. Kara assists with a variety of projects in the lab related to transition and self-management.
    Email: kara.brown2@cchmc.org

    Heather Strong, BA
    Heather is a graduate research assistant within the Crosby Lab. Her broad interests are in health disparities. She assists with studies related to treatment options such as gene therapy and hydroxyurea.
    Email: heather.strong@cchmc.org

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    Lori E. Crosby, PsyD

    Member, Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology

    Mailing Address:
    3333 Burnet Avenue
    MLC 3015
    Cincinnati, OH 45229

    Phone: 513-803-5383