• Sizing Me Up© & Sizing Them Up©

    Sizing Me Up© is a validated obesity-specific self-report measure of health-related quality of life (HRQOL) for children 5-13 years old. Sizing Me Up measures functioning in the following areas: emotional, physical, social avoidance, positive social attributes and teasing / marginalization.

    Sizing Them Up© is a validated obesity-specific parent-report measure of health-related quality of life (HRQOL) for youth ages 5-18. Sizing Them Up measures functioning in the following areas: emotional, physical, teasing / marginalization, positive attributes mealtime challenges and school.

    Sizing Them Up and Sizing Me Up can be used together in clinical and research settings.

    Both measures and user manuals are available at no charge once the Copyright Agreement has been signed and returned.

  • Contact Faye Doland to obtain the Copyright Agreement. After the Copyright Agreement has been signed and returned to Faye Doland, the Sizing Me Up and Sizing Them Up Manuals will be sent electronically.

    Each manual includes:

    • The Measure
    • Instructions for Scoring
    • SPSS Syntax
    • The Validation Paper

    Once you have completed the copyright agreement and have received the manual(s), you can begin administering the measure.

    Each questionnaire takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.  Follow the instructions below to administer each measure.

    Sizing Them Up© (Self-Administered)

    Provide the respondent with a pen or a pencil and a quiet place.

    The parent or caregiver will answer questions regarding their child’s quality of life and their perceptions of how the child’s weight / shape / size impact day- to-day activities. Responses should indicate how the child has been feeling in the past month regarding his or her weight / shape / size.

    Instructions to Parent or Caregiver:
    Tell the parent or caregiver there are no right or wrong answers. It is important for them to answer all the questions. If parents or caregivers are unsure of how to answer a particular question, tell them to choose the response that seems to best fit their child’s situation.

    Sizing Me Up© (Interviewer-Administered)

    The questionnaire is formatted to be used by an interviewer and should only be administered to a child in interview format. Children 11-13 years of age may complete the measure on their own after the practice items.

    Directions to be read aloud by the interviewer will be in italics on the questionnaire.

    An “Answer Choice Card” should be given to the child with the options of none, a little, a lot and all of the time. Make sure the child understands these concepts.

    Sizing Me Up Scoring: none of the time, a little, a lot, all the time.

    Instructions to the Child:
    Tell the child you will be asking questions about some things he or she thinks and feels. There is no right or wrong answers. For each question, the child will look at the card and choose an answer. If a child is unsure of an answer, pick the answer that is best for him or her. 

    After the parent / caregiver or the child has completed the measure, you will need to score it. Use the following PDFs for instructions on scoring the measures:

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