• Clinical Services

    Welcome to the Center for Adherence and Self-Management's Clinical Service. We have included information here that will help you decide if the Adherence Center is right for you and your child’s needs.

    Who does the clinical service help?

    We assist children, adolescents, and families coping with a chronic condition that requires medication or other treatments like diet/nutrition and physical therapy. Because this can be difficult, many families need extra help to manage medical treatment and the feelings that children/teens often have about illnesses, the best way possible. Clinical staff at the Adherence Center are trained to provide a high level of assistance.

    What happens during a clinical service visit?

    An individual assessment of your child or teen’s adjustment and adherence to medical treatment, including areas of strength and challenges to following medical treatment plans, is conducted during the initial visit. Thereafter, an individualized plan of family support and behavioral management to help you and your child or teen improve his/her following to medical treatment will be developed. Additional visits to help your family implement the plan and address your child or teen’s coping will be provided.

    Who provides services?

    Dr. Sandra Cortina, PhD, clinical psychologist and director of clinical services for the Adherence Center, provides clinical care to children, teens, and families coping with a chronic condition. Psychology fellows and residents also provide services under the supervision of Dr. Cortina.

    How do I make an appointment?

    Call the Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology Intake Office directly at 513-636-8107. You can also ask your child’s doctor to fax a referral, Attention: Adherence Center, at 513-803-1111. Someone will call you to start the appointment process.

    What if I have questions before I schedule an appointment?

    Please feel free to contact Dr. Cortina directly at 513-803-0411 if you have any questions regarding the clinical service or your child’s needs.