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    Kevin A. Hommel, PhD
    Research Associate Professor
    Department of Pediatrics
    University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

    Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology
    Center for Adherence and Self-Management
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

    Mailing Address:
    3333 Burnet Ave. MLC 7039
    Cincinnati, OH 45229

    Phone: 513-803-0407
    Fax: 513-803-0415
    Email: kevin.hommel@cchmc.org

    Katie Loreaux, BA
    Phone: 513-803-1009
    Email: katherine.loreaux@cchmc.org

    Kelly LeBuhn, BA
    Phone: 513-803-0920
    Email: kelly.lebuhn@cchmc.org

    Rachelle Ramsey, PhD
    Email: rachelle.ramsey@cchmc.org