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    Our research focuses on improving the management of chronic conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), eosinophil-associated gastrointestinal disorders (EGID), and cystic fibrosis (CF). We study treatment adherence and self-management, and we systematically develop and test interventions to help patients and families better manage these conditions. We also use existing technologies as well as develop new adherence technologies into our research to assess their use and keep patients and families apprised of state-of-the-art self-management tools that may be useful to them. Our overall goal is to improve health outcomes and quality of life for the patients and families with whom we work. 

    We have sixteen active studies:

    • 6 are randomized controlled trials of interventions to improve adherence and self-management.
    • 1 is developing, evaluating and optimizing a self-management web portal.
    • 1 is developing and assessing a program that will facilitate adolescent and young adult transition to adult care.
    • 3 are observational studies aimed at measuring treatment adherence and identifying factors related to poor outcomes.
    • 1 is a clinical trial aimed to define the rate of corticosteroid-free remission in patients with ulcerative colitis
    • 2 are cross-sectional studies focused on developing and modifying a health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and disease severity measure in eosinophil esophagitis.
    • 1 is field testing a newly developed HRQoL measure in functional gastrointestinal disorders.
    • 1 is a large quality-improvement project in which one aim is to facilitate clinician delivery of self-management support to patients and families.
  • Table shows breakdown of characteristics associated with patient’s medication regimens. This is self-reported data from patient’s diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and their caregivers.
    Table displays common barriers to medication adherence in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.
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  • Headshot photo of Kevin Hommel.

    Kevin A. Hommel, PhD
    Research Associate Professor of Pediatrics
    Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology
    Center for the Promotion of Treatment Adherence and Self-Management
    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
    University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Department of Pediatrics
    3333 Burnet Ave. MLC 7039
    Cincinnati, OH 45229

    Phone: 513-803-0407
    FAX: 513-803-0415