Modi Lab

  • Meet the Modi Lab

    The Modi lab includes undergraduate volunteer, student undergraduate research fellows (SURFs), graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows. Typical duties in the lab include data entry, conducting assessments with families, organizing study folder, and improving study retention (e.g. reminder cards, phone calls, birthday cards). Studies primarily focus on treatment adherence and involve interventions in children with new-onset epilepsy and their families.

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    Avani C. Modi
    Alex Arnett, BS
    Alex Arnett, BS
    Photo of Krista Wessendorf.
    Krista Wessendorf.
    Photo of Alison Farringer.
    Alison Farringer
  • Photo of the Modi Lab.

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    Modi Lab

    Photo of the Modi Lab.

    (Left to Right) Sarah Williams, Yelena Wu, Alison Farringer, Avani Modi, Krista Wessendorf

  • Our Graduate Student Interventionist:

    Shannon Ollier
    Demi Bruck
    Terri Pelley