Lim Lab

  • Meet the Team

    Foong-Yen Lim
    Alan Coleman, MD
    Patricia Burns, BSN
  • Former Members

    Research fellows

    Jignesh Parvadia, MD (Corporate Chief Medical Director at Innovative Healing Systems, India)   

    Sachin Vaikunth, MD (General surgeon at The Jackson Clinic in Tennessee)                                

    Fernando Vulentin-Solis, MD (Pediatric surgeon at Hospital Clinico Universidad Catolica, Chile)

    Lee Morris, MD (Bariatric surgeon at Houston Methodist Hospital, Texas)

    Stefan Pokall, MD (Resident at The German Heart Centre Munich, Germany)                 

    Mounira Habli, MD (Assistant professor in Maternal Fetal Medicine at Cincinnati Fetal Center)     

    Shuichi Katayama, MD (Surgeon at Okayama Medical Center, Japan)     

    Jaehee Chung, MD (Pediatric surgeon at St. Mary’s Hospital, South Korea)                                  

    Nabil Ghobril, MD (Clinical fellow in pediatric endoscopic surgery at University of Tennessee)

    Fetal fellows 

    Jorge Beltran, MD (Pediatrician at Key Biscayne Pediatrics, Florida)

    Zaria Murrell, MD (Pediatric surgeon at University of Louisville, Kentucky)

    Naira Baregamian, MD (Endocrine surgery fellow at Yale University, Connecticut)