• Current Research Projects

    Current projects and efforts involve a broad array of disciplines, yet all projects are aimed at improving the health of patients with chronic diseases through incorporating shared decision making, self-management, adherence, quality-of-life studies and technology. To read about our asthma-related projects, visit our Current Asthma Research Projects and Current Asthma Lab Improvement Projects pages.

    Research Collaborations

    The lab is also involved in collaborating with other researchers as consultants on asthma, adolescents and recruitment of adolescents as study participants. Involvement includes:

    • Spiritual Coping and Quality of Life in Adolescents with a Chronic Illness
    • Developing an In Vivo Adherence Intervention for Adolescents with Asthma

  • Adolescent Participation in Chronic Disease Treatment Decisions
    Academic Pediatric Association Young Investigator Award
    Grant # N/A           07/01/11-06/30/12           $10,000
    The goal of this project is to understand adolescents’ roles and perspectives related to making decisions about receiving treatment with TNF-α inhibitors.
    PI: Lipstein

    Baclofen Efficacy and Safety Trials – Pediatric Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Study of Oral Baclofen for the Treatment of Spasticity Associated with Cerebral Palsy.
    NICHD (NIH Child Health and Human Development).
    Grant# 2005-13-2           2009-2010           $107,419
    PI: Brunstrom-Hernandez J
    Center Collaborator(s): Vargus-Adams JN (Co-Investigator)

    Building Modular Pediatric Chronic Disease Registries for QI and CE Research.
    Grant #R01HS020024-01           09/01/10-08/31/13           $9,042,411
    Goal is enhance an existing EHR registry, capture and use data for quality improvement of processes and healthcare for children with IBD and Crohn’s disease.
    PI: Hutton, Margolis
    Center Collaborator(s): Britto

    Center of Excellence on Quality of Care Measures for Children with Complex Needs.
    NIH.           03/01/11-02/28/15           $655,832
    CHIPRA Pediatric Healthcare Quality Measures Program Centers of Excellence
    Grant #U18HS020506-01
    Goal is to develop and test measures to assess quality of care for children with mental health conditions. We will design and test measures to be used with electronic health record (EHR) platforms available to Medicaid and CHIP providers to ensure sustainability of measurement efforts. We will simultaneously develop measure specifications and code needed to integrate measures into existing EHR platforms.
    PI: Mangione-Smith (University of Washington)
    Center Collaborator(s): Britto

    Community Engagement Core.
    Clinical & Translational Science Award. NIH/NCRR.
    Grant #1UL1RR026314-01           04/03/09-03/31/14           $94,923
    The goal of the Institutional CTSA is to create a research environment that facilitates translating discoveries to clinical application within the Academic Health Center.
    PI: Heubi, Tsevat
    Center Collaborator(s): Brinkman; Crosby; Yi; Vaughn

    Cincinnati Sickle Cell Newborn Screening Network.
    Department of Health and Human Services – Maternal and Child Health Bureau.
    Grant#105119 - H46MC09233 06/01/08 - 5/31/11
    The overall goals of this project are to increase awareness about hemoglobinopathies, especially sickle cell trait, through increased newborn screening counseling, community outreach and  professional education, and to improve the quality of specialty and primary care provided to newborns with sickle cell.
    PI: Shook
    Center Collaborator(s): Crosby

    Cincinnati Sickle Cell Network.
    Department of Health and Human Services – Maternal and Child Health Bureau.
    Grant #U1EMC07655           9/01/06 – 8/30/10           $1,200,000
    The goal of this grant is provide comprehensive, collaborative primary and tertiary medical care to individuals with sickle cell disease who previously received fractionated, uncoordinated services.
    PI: Diers
    Center Collaborator(s): Crosby, Yi

    Combined Functional Electrical Stimulation & Robotic Gait Training for Children with Cerebral Palsy.
    Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation.
    Grant # R-796-10 2010-2012 $100,000
    PI: Vargus-Adams

    Constructed Meaning: Spirituality after a CF Diagnosis as an Adult
    (Adult CF Center, UCCOM)
    Grant #N/A 2010-2011 $5,900
    PI: Joseph
    Center Collaborator(s): Grossoehme

    Determinants of health-related quality of life for children with JIA.
    Grant #P60 AR047784           05/01/08 – 04/30/13           $1,124,423
    Study is to determine the pathways by which medical variables (biological, physiological, clinical, physical function) and non-medical variables (individual, family, environmental characteristics) predict HRQOL in children being actively treated for JIA.
    PI: Glass, Seid
    Center Collaborator(s): Britto

    Developing Quality Measures to Assess Pediatric Inpatient Respiratory Care
    Grant #1RO1HL088503-01           12/01/08 – 11/30/13           $3,293,636
    Multicenter study that will result in a rigorously designed, disseminable quality assessment tool that can be used by hospitals treating children for respiratory illness to both track and improve on the quality of care they provide.
    PI: Mangione-Smith (Univ of Washington)
    Site PI: Britto
    Center Collaborator(s): Knopf (Munafo)

    DMHealth: Feasibility of a Cell-Phone Adherence Trial for Underserved Youth with T1DM.
    Goal is to develop and test interventions, including cell-phones, to improve diabetes self-management and health outcomes for high-risk youth with type 1 diabetes.
    Grant # 5R21DK085483-02 2009 – 2011 $425,000
    Co-PIs: Mayer-Davis, Seid

    Enhancing PROMIS in Pediatric Pain, Rheumatology, and Rehabilitation Research
    Grant #U-01/AR057940           9/30/09 – 7/31/13           $2,096,964
    PI: Morgan-DeWitt, Vargus-Adams
    Center Collaborator: Seid

    Evaluation of an Intervention for Improving Community-Based Pediatric ADHD Care.
    Grant #1 R01 MH083665-01           08/12/10-07/31/15           $549,365
    PI: Epstein
    Center Collaborator(s): Brinkman

    Evaluating EHR-based Point-of-Care Trial Recruitment Across Clinical Settings.
    Grant # 1R01LM009533-01A1           9/30/08-9/29/11           $610,968
    The major goals of this research are: 1) to determine the impacts on trial recruitment of an EHR-based CTA approach in different clinical settings within and across healthcare systems; and 2) to identify the range of stakeholders' perceived barriers, facilitators, and information needs regarding EHR-based, point-of-care recruitment in different clinical settings to inform improvements in the CTA approach.
    PI: Embi
    Center Collaborator(s): Cotton

    Explaining Racial Disparities in Child Asthma Morbidity. NIAID.
    Grant #1 R01 AI088116-01 04/01/10-03/31/14 $1,512,152
    PI: Kahn, R.
    Center Collaborator(s): Brinkman

    Girls Action Teams for Personal and Social Change.
    Community Action Grant
    Grant# N/A            2011-2013
    American Association of University Women (Vaughn).The Girls’ Action Teams (GATs) project provides urban minority and immigrant middle school-aged girls in Cincinnati with an outlet for participation and self-determination to help them to become agents of change in their community.
    PI: Vaughn

    HPV Decision Aid Development.
    Cincinnati Children's Place Outcomes Research Award.
    Grant # N/A           7/1/11 – 6/30/13           $119,998
    Goal is to empower parents and adolescents in their immunization decisions, improve clinicians’ recommendations of the vaccine, and to increase immunization rates among children and adolescents by improving the shared decision-making process through the development and testing of an HPV vaccine decision aid for use between clinicians and parents of girls eligible for HPV  vaccination.
    PI: Widdice
    Center Collaborator(s): Brinkman

    Impact of SCD Patient Portal on Transition to Adult Care.
    Cincinnati Children's Place Outcomes
    Award           07/01/11 – 06/30/13           $120,000
    This project involves adding measures (e.g. psychosocial risk) and additional educational materials and customization to an SCD-specific version of MyChart, a patient portal compatible with the Cincinnati Children’s EMR for SCD patients age 16-24 years.
    PI: Crosby
    Center Collaborator(s): Crosby

    Improving Adherence to HU Therapy for Sickle Cell Disease.
    (Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center). NIH/NHLBI
    Grant#105249-2U54HL070871-06           04/01/08 – 03/31/12           $6,076, 530
    This study proposes to develop a computerized assessment tool that can be used with patients in clinic to improve adherence to clinic visits and hydroxyurea therapy. Assist with development and design of qualitative research studies on pain management, functional disability, family functioning and improving clinical care. Assist with re-design of psychosocial services for patients with SCD.
    PI: Joiner, Mitchell
    Center Collaborator(s): Crosby

    Improving Home Environmental Risk Assessment and Enhancing Referrals for Housing Code Enforcement for Children with Asthma.
    CCTST Community Health Program Grants to Promote Academic-Community Collaboration and Positive Health Outcomes.
    Grant #N/A           Spring 2011           $15,315
    PI: Beck

    Improving Parents' TNF-a Inhibitor Treatment Decisions.
    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Place Outcomes Research Award
    Grant # N/A           07/01/2011-06/30/2013           $42,060
    The aim of this project is to prospectively assess the decision-making process parents use when making decisions about TNFα inhibitors and to use that information to develop a means of quantifying the decision making experience.
    PI: Lipstein
    Center Collaborator(s): Britto, Brinkman

    Infant Nutrition Intervention Partnership: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Freestore Foodbank.
    Proctor & Gamble.
    Grant # N/A Spring 2011 $50,000
    Funding is for formula distribution, staff training, and provision of wrap-around services.
    PI: Beck

    Medication Continuity Among Children Treated for ADHD.
    NIMH Patient-Oriented Career Development Award (PA-09-043)
    Grant #N/A           12/01/09 – 11/30/2014           $821,499
    PI: Brinkman
    Center Collaborator(s): Britto

    Neuropsychological Dysfunction and Neuroimaging Abnormalities in Neurologically Intact Adults with Sickle Cell Disease study (SCAN).
    Grant #N/A           8/05 – present
    Sickle Cell Multi-Center Trial. This study examines memory and attention in adults with SCD.
    PI: Crosby (2005-06)
    Center Collaborator(s): Crosby (2006-present)

    Open Source Science: Transforming Chronic Care
    Grant # TR01DK085719           9/01/09 – 8/31/14           $7,831,713
    The major goal of this T-R01 is to develop a collaborative improvement network to improve care for pediatric inflammatory bowel disease.
    Co-PIs: Margolis, Seid
    Center Collaborator(s): Britto, Vaughn

    Parental adherence to CF homecare: research chaplaincy career commitment.
    Grant #K23HD062642-01A1           8/13/10-5/31/11           $590,000
    PI: Grossoehme

    Patient-Provider Interventions to Improve Transition to Adult Care in SCD.
    Grant #K07HL108720-01           8/18/11 – 7/31/15           $400,752
    PI: i Crosby
    Center Collaborator(s): Britto

    Pediatric Center for Education and Research on Therapeutics (CERT).
    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
    Grant # 1U18HS016957           9/01/07-8/31/11           $2,555,853
    The major goal of this project is to provide education on and develop and validate new therapeutics.
    PI: Lannon
    Center Collaborator(s): Seid

    Phase II Study of Rapamycin for Complicated Vascular Anomalies.
    Grant #R01 FD003712           2009 – 2013           $1,300,000
    PI: Adams
    Center Collaborator(s): Seid

    Physician Bedside Handoff: Small Change—Big Impact in Patient Care and Medical Education.
    Office of Medical Education, University of Cincinnati
    Grant # N/A - Medical Education Research Grant           2010           $3,500
    Using a Group Level Assessment methodology, we will examine Physician Bedside Handoff (PBH) as compared to more traditional physician hand off methods.
    PI: Gosdin, Vaughn

    Shared Decision Making to Improve Care for Children with ADHD.
    Cincinnati Children's Health Services Research Matrix Outcomes Research Award.
    Grant # N/A           07/1/09-12/31/10           $90,000
    PI: Brinkman
    Center Collaborator(s): Britto

    Sickle Cell Adolescent Patient Survey Study.
    NIH SCD grant           6/03 – present
    (HealthBEAT). This study is supported by funds from the National Institutes of Health Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center Grant. This project examines the health beliefs, attitudes, and coping styles of adolescents with SCD. The long-term goal of this study, the “Sickle Cell Adolescent Survey Study,” is to develop a tool to identify barriers which impact treatment adherence in this population.
    PI: Crosby

    Spiritual Coping and Quality of Life in Adolescents with Chronic Illness.
    Grant #1K23HD052639-01A1           7/07-6/12           $672,304
    NIH career development award. The goals are to assess and measure properties, and examine relationships among religiosity/spirituality and health outcomes.
    PI: Cotton
    Center Collaborator(s): Britto, Yi

    A Trial of On-Line Problem Solving for Pediatric TBI.
    National Institutes of Health/NIMH.
    Grant # 1R01MH073764-01A2           01/06/06-05/31/11           $464,601
    This study examines the utility of a structured intervention to facilitate family coping, as a means for enhancing the competencies of children and families in responding to stress and reducing the considerable family and child psychological morbidity associated with traumatic brain injury.
    PI: Wade
    Center Collaborator(s): Crosby