Zingarelli Lab

  • Meet the lab

    Headshot photo of Paul William Hake.
    Paul William Hake
    Headshot photo of Patrick Lahni.
    Patrick Lahni
    Headshot photo of John Ledford.
    John Ledford
    Headshot photo of Giovanna Piraino.
    Giovanna Piraino
    Headshot of Ravi Samraj.
    Ravi Samraj
  • Other Lab Members

    Michael Patrick O’Connor, BS

    Research Assistant, IV

    Mike is a graduate in Chemistry of the University of Cincinnati. He plays a major role in molecular biochemical analysis of mitochondrial function and nuclear transcription. In addition, Mike has extensive expertise in primary cell biology, molecular biological cloning and functional nuclear pathway techniques.

  • Photo of the Zingarelli lab.

    Zingarelli Lab

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    Photo of the Zingarelli lab.

    L to R: Paul Hake, Patrick Lahni, Basilla Zingarelli, Ravi Samraj, Giovanna Piraino, John Ledford