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    For more information about the Clinical Translational Research Center at Cincinnati Children’s, contact Amy Hartkemeyer, business director, 513-636-4273.

    Contacts for specific information related to the Clinical Translational Research Center are:

    Research Nursing Core

    • Becca Harper, RN, MSN, 513-636-8750

    Bionutrition and Body Composition Core

    • Suzanne Summer, MS, RD, LD, 513-636-2734

    Behavioral Science Core

    • Angela Moore, 513-803-1853
    • April German, CSP, 513-636-2092

    Core Laboratory / Biochemistry Core

    • Theresa Kenney, 513-636-2229


    The Clinical Translational Research Center is on the Cincinnati Children’s Burnet Campus in Location E, second floor.

    Directions from the Visitors’ Garage

    Medical center buildings are named by letters A to E, and connected by the concourse on the first floor. You will find a Welcome Center near the elevators in each building where you can get directions.

    From the visitors’ garage on Burnet Avenue, take any elevator to the concourse on the first floor. Note the Location (A to E) and floor (1 to 4) where you parked.

    There are reminder sheets near the elevator that you can take with you.

    To return to the visitors’ garage, take the elevator to the first floor, follow the concourse back to the building location and take the garage elevators to the floor where you parked.

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