• Course: Introduction to Clinical Research Program

    This curriculum is designed to enhance the participants' knowledge of various aspects of research involving human subjects. The goal of the Introduction to Clinical Research program at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is to encourage fellows, young faculty, and other interested staff to pursue patient-oriented research as a portion of their academic activities. The modules contain streaming videos of the lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and references. After completing each module, complete the corresponding quiz, and record your answers for the course on the Answer Sheet provided. To receive credit, each quiz requires 70% correct answers. Please email the completed Answer Sheet to Theresa.Kenney2@cchmc.org; be sure to include your name, affiliation (Department/Division) and the date on the Answer Sheet.

    Curriculum Description

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    Corresponding Quiz

    I. Getting Started in Clinical Research

    • Developing a Research Proposal (Overview of the Process): James Heubi, MD

    Part 1

    Quiz Module 1 Part 1

    • Introduction to Statistics: Judy Bean, PhD

    Part 2

    Quiz Module 1 Part 2

    • Finding Clinical Evidence: Barbarie Hill
    • The Cochrane Collaboration, Evidence-Based Medicine & Critical Appraisal: Kieran Phelan, MD

    Part 3

    Quiz Module 1 Part 3

    II. Study Design

    • Clinical Trials: C.Ralph Buncher, ScD
    • Study Design -- Types and Objectives of Clinical Research: Stephen Daniels, MD, PhD

    Part 1

    Quiz Module 2 Part 1

    • Study Design -- Practical Examples: Robert Kahn, MD

    Part 2

    Quiz Module 2 Part 2

    III. Biostatistics

    • Review of Hypothesis Testing; Phase I and II Clinical Trials: Judy Bean, PhD

    Part 1

    Quiz Module 3 Part 1

    • Design and Analysis of Randomized Control Phase III Clinical Trials: Mekibib Altaye, PhD

    Part 2

    Quiz Module 3 Part 2

    • Sample Size Calculations: Heidi Kalkwarf, PhD

    Part 3

    Quiz Module 3 Part 3

    • Understanding Data: Stephen Daniels, PhD

    Part 4

    Quiz Module 3 Part 4

    IV. Peer-Reviewed Publications--An Introduction

    • Introduction to the Editorial Process; Manuscript Preparation and Submission: Alan Jobe, MD, PhD and Stephen Daniels, MD, PhD

    Part 1

    Quiz Module 4 Part 1 & 2

    • Keys to Good Writing; Manuscript Review and Revision; Ethics of Scientific Publications: Alan Jobe, MD, PhD and Stephen Daniels, MD, PhD

    Part 2

    V. Outcomes Research

    • Outcomes Research: Uma Kotagal, MBBS, MSc

    Part 1

    Quiz Module 5 Part 1

    • Quality of Life Measurement in Clinical and Outcomes Research: Maria Britto, MD, MPH
    • Health Values: Joel Tsevat, MD, MPH
    • Principles of Medical Decision Making: Mark Eckman, MD

    Part 2

    Quiz Module 5 Part 2

    • Introduction to Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Joel Tsevat, MD, MPH

    VI. Molecular Biology

    • Viral Kinetics- Steady State Ain't That Great: Kenneth Sherman, MD, PhD

    Part 1

    Quiz Module 6 Part 1

    • Perspectives on Thyroid Cancer Pathogenesis: How Tumors Start and Why It Matters. James A. Fagin, MD

    Part 2

    Quiz Module 6 Part 2