• Behavioral Science Core

    The Behavioral Science Core is devoted to providing high-quality resources for the planning, assessment and execution of research involving behavioral and / or treatment and protocol adherence dimensions.

    The Behavioral Science Core works with investigators to assess their needs and develop clinical and translational trials that include behavioral interventions and outcomes, as well as aspects of adherence to medicine and illness self / family management. The Behavioral Science Core develops, with investigators, a plan for realizing the goals of their research efforts through the utilization of its many resources.

    We will work with investigators to identify the needed services and ensure that we integrate across aspects of science, study execution and study financial / operations management.

    Behavioral Science Core services include: 

    • Execution of behavioral measurement techniques / instruments, including:
      • Neuropsychological tests
      • Developmental tests 
      • School achievement testing 
      • Intellectual tests
      • Behavioral inventories 
      • Quality of life scales 
      • Psychiatric structured interviews 
      • Behavioral observation / coding procedures 
    • Consultation in design of research with behavioral dimensions 
    • Consultation for pediatric neuropsychological aspects of clinical translational research 
    • Consultation for adherence assessment and intervention
    • Preparation of behavioral sections of grant applications 
    • Consultation on data management and analytic strategies suitable for adherence and behavioral data
    • Assistance in preparation of manuscripts describing behavioral outcomes 

    Scott Powers, PhD, ABPP, and Lori Stark, PhD, ABPP, serve as Co-directors for the Behavioral Science Core.
    Dean W. Beebe, PhD, ABPP-CN serves as Scientific Co-director.

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    April R. German, CSP
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