• Cincinnati Center for Nutrition Research and Analysis

    Comprehensive, High-Quality Data Analysis for Nutrition Research

    A service of the Clinical Translational Research Center’s Bionutrition Core, the Cincinnati Center for Nutrition Research and Analysis (CCNRA) offers data collection, coding and nutrition data analysis for both pediatric and adult clinical research studies. We have managed high-quality data for large-scale studies conducted at institutions worldwide, and we have coded more than 40,000 multiday food records and recalls since the center opened in 1991. We offer strict quality control, rapid turnaround, competitive pricing and personalized attention that has made us the choice for leading research centers around the globe.

    Our trained and knowledgeable staff use the latest version of the Nutrition Data System for Research (NDSR) software developed by the University of Minnesota to collect and analyze dietary intake data. NDSR contains up-to-date nutrient and product information in its database, and interviewers employ the USDA Automated Multiple Pass Method (AMPM) when conducting 24-hour dietary recalls, ensuring quick, accurate collection and analysis of dietary intake data. In addition, the NDSR software includes a unique module which allows us to track dietary supplement use as well as regular food intake.

    Our service provides a fast, effective tool for making the most of large amounts of study data. Contact us to learn more about how the CCNRA can enhance your nutrition research.

    Access to Services

    Our services are available to external research studies conducted at sites anywhere in the US on a fee-for-service basis. We also work extensively with internal (Cincinnati Children's or University of Cincinnati) researchers who request our services through the CTRC.

    Researchers seeking support for the dietary intake component of their study are encouraged to contact us by phone or email (contact details below). We will ask for general information about the study including the type of data needed (e.g., nutrient intake, food groups, diet quality) and the frequency of data collection (e.g., three days of diet data at each study timepoint). We will also ask for information about participant demographics, the study timeline and any other information related to the study protocol. Based on this information we can offer suggestions for diet intake methodology and estimate the time and costs involved for us to provide nutrition research services for your study.

    Once the project parameters are defined we will work with you to implement the diet data collection for your study. Reports of food and nutrient analyses will be provided in the format and timeframe which will best meet the needs of your research study.

    For more information, please contact Suzanne Summer, CTRC Bionutritionist, at 513-636-2734, or email suzanne.summer@cchmc.org