• Sample Processing Lab

    The CTRC provides a Sample Processing Laboratory to accommodate investigator needs. This laboratory is in Location E, second floor, and is used for immediate processing needs. This laboratory includes a refrigerated centrifuge and a room temperature centrifuge for specimen processing, a -20°C freezer and refrigerator for specimen storage, and a YSI glucose analyzer for protocols that need immediate glucose results. Samples of blood, urine, stool, bile, etc., are processed and stored according to the protocol.

    The CTRC Sample Processing Laboratory also has three -70°C freezers that are close to the E2 unit and can be used by investigators for sample storage. Freezers in both areas are alarmed and monitored by the hospital electronic RMMS system.

    Samples can be processed 24 hours a day. The CTRC has one full-time research assistant who processes all incoming samples during business hours. The CTRC nursing and support staff is trained in processing to cover the lab during off-hours.

    How to Reach Us

    For more information about the Clinical Translational Research Center Sample Processing Laboratory,  contact Becca Harper at 513-636-8750 or rebecca.harper@cchmc.org