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Campbell, K

Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Formation of Basal Ganglia Circuitry
R01 MH 09074004/01/10-01/31/15$237,600
Roles of Gsh1 & Gsh2 in Telencephalic Neurogenesis
R01 NS 04408007/01/08-06/30/13$428,750

Chang, C

Understanding MicroRNA Mechanisms for Developmental Decline in Axon Growth Activity

Chuang, C

Specification of Stochastic Left-Right Asymmetric Neuronal Fates in C. Elegans
R01 GM 098026-0108/31/12-07/31/17$190,000

Cleghon, V

Fundamental Mechanisms of Protein Kinase Activation Loop Autophosphorylation
R01 GM 08737404/15/10-02/28/14$186,293

Guasch, G

Defining the Transcriptional and Signaling Networks Involved in Epithelial Cancers of Transitional Epithelia
Using a Novel Mouse Model of Transitional Epithelial Tumor to Investigate Cancer Initiation and Progression

Jiang, R

Molecular Genetic Analysis of Craniofacial Development
R01 DE 1368107/01/11-06/30/15$439,824

Kofron, M.

Ectoderm Formation in the Early Xenopus Embryo
R01 HD 04573704/01/10-03/31/15$189,041

Kohli, V

Lineage Tracing of Endothelial Progenitor Cells: Patterning the Vascular Cord

Lin, X

Regulation of Wingless (Wg) Signaling and Morphogen Gradient Formation
R01 GM 06389104/01/12-03/31/16$193,000
Roles of Retromer Complex in Development
R01 GM 08751703/01/10-02/28/14$181,517


Digestive Health Center: Stem Cell Core
U01 DK 06249709/10/09-05/31/14$28,261

Nakafuku, M

Endogenous CNTF Receptors and Adult, In Vivo Neurogenesis
R01 NS 06605107/01/09-06/30/14$10,392


Molecular Control of Neurogenesis in the Adult Subventricular Zone
R01 NS 06989304/01/10-03/31/15$291,422

Potter, S

Generating Molecular Markers that Selectively Label Urothelial Sub-Populations
U01 DK 09453009/30/11-08/31/16$31,311
Global Gene Expression Atlas of Craniofacial Development
U01 DE 02004909/21/09-04/30/14$175,411
Digestive Health Center - Gene Expression Core
U01 DK 06249709/10/09-05/31/14$40,695

Schumacher, J

Training in Cardiovascular Biology
T32 HL 00738201/01/13-08/31/13$33,256

Shroyer, N

bHLH factor Regulation of Mammalian Retinal Neuron Development

Sumanas, S

Molecular Mechanisms of Arterial-Venous Differentiation in Zebrafish
R01 HL 10736904/01/11-03/31/16$238,000

Wells, J

Directing Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells to Generate 3-Dimensional Lung Tissue In Vitro
R21 HL 11532208/10/12-06/30/14$41,250
Generating Human Intestinal Organoids with an ENS
U18 TR 00054607/24/12-06/30/14$225,000


Human Endocrine Cell Development

Wylie , C

A Developmentally-Based Tissue Engineering Approach to Improve Tendon Repair
R01 AR 05694307/10/09-06/30/14$178,001

Yoshida, Y

Properties of Interneurons Before and After SCI
Regulation of Sensory-Motor Connectivity by Semaphorin-Plexin Signaling
R01 NS 06504804/01/09-03/31/14$206,872

Zorn, A

Cadherin-based Actin Assembly in the Xenopus Embryo
R01 HD 04476403/12/09-01/31/14$187,150
Cell Cycle Proteomics in Xenopus
R01 GM 10378509/01/12-06/30/14$10,873
Collaborative Research: Ontology-Enabled Reasoning across Phenotypers from Evolution and Model Organisms
Osr Transcription Factors Regulate Embryonic Lung Development
R01 HL 114898-0108/10/12-06/30/17$250,000
Production, Validation and Distribution of the Xenopus ORFeome
R01 HD 06935208/01/11-05/31/16$108,702
Xenbase: a Xenopus Model Organism Database
P41 HD 06455606/01/10-05/31/15$671,039
Current Year Direct$5,409,866
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Current Year Direct Receipts$115,500