Chang Lab

  • Alumni

    Dorothée Domenger.

    Dorothée Domenger
    Postdoctoral fellow
    Current position: research fellow, McGill Centre for Studies in Aging, Douglas Hospital Research Institute, Canada.

    Faustine Antoine.

    Faustine Antoine
    Graduate student
    Current position: technical engineer Corps of the State, French Ministry of Industry, France.

    Fuxiao Xin.

    Fuxiao Xin
    Graduate student
    Current position: PhD student at School of Informatics and Computing, Indiana University.

    Ko Currie.

    Ko Currie
    Undergraduate senior research
    Current position: PhD student, Program of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto, Canada.

    Mahsa Kaikhosrovi.

    Mahsa Kaikhosrovi
    Research assistant
    Current position: medical student, University of Sydney, Australia.

    Soazig Pirious.

    Soazig Piriou
    Graduate student
    Current position: patent engineer, Laboratoires Pierre Fabre, France.

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    Chang Lab group shot.

    Current Lab Members
    Chieh Chang, PhD, Amel Alqadah, Brittany Bayne, Kalyn Cambell, Vivian Chiu, Chiou-Fen Chuang, Felicia Ciamacco, Evan Hsieh, Jen Tucker, Yan Zou