• Current Projects

    Development of the Metanephric Mesenchyme
    Our goal is to define the overlapping functions of Hox genes, which encode transcription factors that often serve important roles in genetic hierarchy, in kidney development. Learn more.

    Glomerulosclerosis in Human FSGS and Animal Models
    Our long-term goals are to provide a deeper understanding of focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, to identify novel therapeutic targets and to define gene-expression signature-based subtypes. Learn more.

    NexGen Dissection of the Genomic Basis of Kidney Development
    Our long-term objective is to conduct a NexGen RNA-Seq-based dissection of the gene-expression program driving kidney development. Learn more.

    Global Gene Expression Atlas of Craniofacial Development
    Our objective is to create a global gene-expression atlas of craniofacial development, using laser capture microdissection, FACS and microarrays. Learn more.