Emergency Medicine

Significant Accomplishments

Prevention Research Ranges from Suicide to Smoking

Our faculty made several contributions to prevention research in the past year. Jacqueline Grupp-Phelan, MD, MPH, leads a multi-center study on suicide screening in conjunction with Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Melinda Mahabee-Gittens, MD, MS, co-authored two recent papers regarding smoking prevention.  Lisa Vaughn, PhD, studies cross-cultural health issues. Mike Gittelman, MD, and Wendy Pomerantz, MD, MS, lead ongoing studies in injury prevention while Jennifer Reed, MD, and Kari Schneider, MD, focus their research on preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

PECARN projects focus on alcohol screening, ED safety and more

Led by Richard Ruddy, MD, Division Director, and Lynn Babcock, MD, MS, several of our faculty members contribute to multi-site studies through the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN). Ongoing projects include studying RNA biosignatures in febrile infants and ASSESS, a study to validate a process for alcohol screening in teens. Published work this year includes findings on abdominal trauma, mild head injury, ED patient safety and cervical spine injury.

Clinical and Quality Research Improve Outcomes

Benjamin Kerrey, MD, Matthew Mittiga, MD, Gary Geis, MD, and Andrea Rinderknecht, MD, continue innovative work on rapid sequence intubation and have demonstrated reduction of adverse events in children. Tara Rhine, MD, received the Willis Wingert Award for best presentation at the 2012 AAP SOEM for balance testing in concussion. Gregory Faris, MD, is using an APA young investigator award to assess the utility of a PECARN decision rule to predict post-concussion symptoms. Both are mentored by Lynn Babcock, MD, MS, who has several concussion projects ongoing and published.  Berkeley Bennett, MD, participates in a multi-center grant on bruising along with Child Abuse experts. In quality research, substantial progress has been made in managing fever and neutropenia in immunocompromised children and in screening patients for HIV and syphilis.

Emergency Department Ranked No. 2 in Nation

The clinical leadership team led by Joseph Luria, MD, completed a third year of strong performance. Our Emergency Department was ranked No. 2 in the country by Parents magazine, an event celebrated by all the Emergency Services staff. The Burnet ED was awarded the Lantern Award for outstanding emergency nursing from the Emergency Nursing Association. Data from the past year also shows improvement in several areas including decreasing the rate of hypoxia during rapid sequence intubation, improving screening for sexually transmitted infections and sustaining work in fever, neutropenia and immunosuppression. We also attained over 90 percent success in management of time to antibiotics in this high risk population. All of this was accomplished while treating more than 145,000 patients at our two EDs and three urgent care sites. Scott Reeves, MD, has begun his first full year of ED Medical Director role at the Liberty ED, in partnership with Eric Mailloux, RN, and the team demonstrated very strong results in delivery of care and of staff satisfaction. The Green Township Urgent Care opened in late April. Peg Orcutt, DO, has been leading the urgent care team with the help of Rima Rusnak, MD, the incoming Medical Director.

Successful SAC Review

The Division underwent a very successful Scientific Advisory Committee review this year continuing our work to be the nation’s top pediatric emergency medicine program. Dr. Gary Fleisher, MD, Pediatrician-in-Chief at Boston Children’s and Terry Klassen, MD, Director of Research for the Manitoba Institute of Child Health, complimented our emergency services clinical delivery system in the SAC review, while making suggestions to help us further our mission.

Education and Faculty Development

The Teaching Award to the Best Fellow this academic year was awarded to Corinne Bria, MD, in June 2013. Ben Kerrey, MD, accepted the role of Assistant Medical Director for the Center for Simulation and Research. Brad Sobolewski, MD, with support from Ted Brenkert, MD, has expanded the role of video on-line orientation, lectures and podcasts for medical students, residents and fellows.

Invited speaking engagements and scientific presentations were important highlights this academic year, including 20 presentations at the PAS in 2013. Ruddy and Cinnamon Dixon, DO, presented at an International PEM conference in Sao Paulo. Ruddy also presented in Seattle.  Constance McAneney, MD, MS, presented at an ACEP conference in North Carolina. Todd Florin, MD, MSCE, presented at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia EM Course. Geis spoke at the AAP-EM Review Course in Austin. Iyer and Joyce Lippe, MD, presented in Orlando. And Javier Gonzalez del Rey, MD, MEd, presented in Boston, Chicago, Santo Domingo, Moscow and Qatar.

The first year of our Global Health PEM program in Malawi was completed and included five attendings, two fellows and a number of pediatric trainees rotating for up to two months. In addition to teaching medical students, the program has implemented clinical systems improvements that have substantially reduced in-hospital mortality.

The second year of faculty development was completed with the facilitation of Scott Steel from Education and Learning. Participants included fellows and faculty from Emergency Medicine and Hospital Medicine.