• Research Faculty

  • A photo of Joseph Luria.

    Joseph W. Luria, MD Interim Division Director, Division of Emergency Medicine

    is the medical director of clinical operations for the Division of Emergency Medicine. He supports and conducts research related to health services delivery. His interests involve delivering ED care with a focus on quality/evidence based care, safety, flow/efficiency and family centered care. He is also interested in research that looks at the most cost-effective way to deliver care.


    A photo of Evaline Alessandrini.

    Evaline A. Alessandrini, MD, MSCE Director, Quality Scholars Program

    focuses on pediatric health services and outcomes research, with particular emphasis on emergency and ambulatory service use in vulnerable populations. Her broad research agenda is to define outcomes of quality emergency care, develop and refine risk-adjustment tools to compare care quality, and develop interventions to improve the delivery of emergency care to children.


    A photo of Lynn Babcock.

    Lynn Babcock, MD, MS

    is involved in local and national pediatric emergency medicine research for over 10 years. Her primary focus is centered on the full spectrum of care related to traumatic injuries with a significant focus on traumatic brain injuries. Due to this research, she currently holds a KL2 Mentored Career Development Award in clinical and translational research from the University of Cincinnati Center for Clinical and Translational Science and Training.


    A photo of Berkeley Bennett.

    Berkeley L. Bennett, MD, MS Medical Director, Northern Kentucky Advocacy Center

    combines her expertise in emergency medicine and child abuse pediatrics to investigate non-accidental trauma. She is currently funded by the Emergency Medicine Small Grant Program to prospectively investigate the utility of cardiac troponin I to detect occult inflicted cardiac injuries.


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    Seema R. Bhatt, MD Attending Physician, Division of Emergency Medicine

    is pursuing research interests in medical education.


    A photo of Terri Byczkowski.

    Terri Byczkowski, MBA, PhD

    is interested in the area of measuring and improving patient and family experiences of care and determining how the delivery of patient- and family-centered care ultimately affect health outcomes. She is currently focused on developing a measure of patient and family-centered care for pediatric emergency medicine.


    A photo of Patricia Chambers.

    Patricia L. Chambers, MD Attending Physician, Division of Emergency Medicine

    has focused on communication in healthcare, specifically the physician-patient interaction and conflict resolution. Her interests include the emotional aspects of emergency care and the care provider’s response to difficult outcomes.


    A photo of Steven Chan.

    Steven T. Chan, MD Member, Division of Emergency Medicine

    investigates mild traumatic brain injury with a special interest in post-traumatic headaches. The goal of his research is to determine the impact of headache management on concussion recovery.



    Holly Depinet, MD, MPH

    has current research interests that include issues related to clinical decision support tools, appendicitis and sepsis.


    A photo of Judith W. Dexheimer.

    Judith W. Dexheimer, PhD

    is a biomedical informatics researcher with an interest in clinical decision support systems with a goal of improving clinical care and patient outcomes. Her research focuses on decision support in the emergency department with an interest in the effectiveness and efficacy of alerts and reminders throughout the hospital.


    A photo of Elena Duma.

    Elena M. Duma, MD

    is part of the education focus group.


    No photo available

    Michelle D. Eckerle, MD Clinical Fellow, Emergency Department


    A photo of Michael FitzGerald.

    Michael R. FitzGerald, PhD Research Education, Division of Emergency Medicine

    leads the emergency medicine education research group. His current research efforts are focused on improving the frequency and quality of feedback residents receive in their training at Cincinnati Children’s and developing ways to capture and use the performance information for both formative and summative purposes. He is also conducting research to identify social and organizational factors that undermine the accuracy and utility of medical learner evaluations.


    A photo of Todd Florin.

    Todd A. Florin, MD, MSCE Associate Research Director (Fellowship Research), Division of Emergency Medicine

    is a pediatric emergency medicine physician and epidemiologist with an interest in the acute diagnosis and management of lower respiratory tract infections, namely bronchiolitis and pneumonia. His work is focused on the epidemiology of emergency department visits for pneumonia and bronchiolitis, clinical trials of treatment modalities for bronchiolitis and improved diagnostics for children with community-acquired pneumonia.


    A photo of Gary L. Geis.

    Gary L. Geis, MD Medical Director, Center for Simulation and Research

    uses medical simulation to investigate and improve knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of healthcare providers and care teams and to assess care systems and environment in the in situ setting allowing for identification and mitigation of latent threat to patient safety.
    Visit the Center for Simulation and Research.


    A photo of Michael Gittelman.

    Mike A. Gittelman, MD Co-Director, Comprehensive Children's Injury Center

    investigates effective methods to prevent injuries to children. Through educational, advocacy, research, and community interventions, he seeks techniques to minimize the number one cause of death to children. Recently, he has developed screening tools so providers can determine the greatest injury risks so that families can change their behaviors to make their children safer.


    A photo of Javier Gonzalez del Rey.

    Javier A. Gonzalez del Rey, MD, MEd Director, Pediatric Residency Program

    major areas of interests include resident and subspecialty medical education and improvement science methodology applied to medical education and training. He has several publications and chapters in the areas of procedural skills, experiential learning and effects of new hour regulations in pediatric training. He has recently received grant funding for evaluation of transition of care (hand-offs) and for expansion of our residency primary care track (NIH / HRSA).


    A photo of Jacqueline M. Grupp-Phelan.

    Jacqueline M. Grupp-Phelan, MD, MPH Director of Research, Division of Emergency Medicine

    directs the research program in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and holds the Richard Ruddy chair of pediatric emergency medicine research. Her interests are focused on mental health screening and mental health services in the Pediatric Emergency Department. Her productivity and potential in this area were recognized by the receipt of a prestigious K23 Mentored Career Development Award from the National Institute for Mental Health.


    A photo of Selena L. Hariharan.

    Selena L. Hariharan, MD, FAAP

    is a member of the prevention focus group. She is interested in anticipatory guidance screening in the Emergency Department.


    A photo of Srikant Iyer.

    Srikant B. Iyer, MD, MPH Attending Physician, Division of Emergency Medicine

    is focusing his initial efforts on using QI methods and operations management to improve the timeliness and efficiency of care delivery for patients presenting to the emergency department with acute pain. His most recent work has been directed toward efficient patient segmentation and the improvement of patient flow for larger groups of patients.


    A photo of Laurie Johnson.

    Laurie H. Johnson, MD, FAAP Clinician Educator, Division of Emergency Medicine

    is part of the clinical focus group and is interested in asthma-related research.


    A photo of Stephanie Kennebeck.

    Stephanie S. Kennebeck, MD Director of Epic ASAP Development, Division of Emergency Medicine

    investigates the impact of the electronic medical record and clinical decision support on care in the emergent care of pediatric patients. The goal of this research is to identify ideal structure and support for design of the ideal Electronic Health Record.


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    Benjamin T. Kerrey, MD Attending Physician, Division of Emergency Medicine

    is an attending physician in the Emergency Department at Cincinnati Children’s and conducts clinical research on medical resuscitations in the ED. He has a particular interest in the process and outcomes of emergent intubation in the pediatric ED as well as the use of simulation to assess systems of care in that environment.


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    Pamela Beth Lachniet, MD, PhD Staff Physician III, Division of Emergency Medicine


    A photo of Melinda Mahabee-Gittens.

    E. Melinda Mahabee-Gittens, MD, MS, CTTS

    is the director of the tobacco cessation clinic that provides comprehensive cessation counseling, resources, and medications for adults and adolescents. Her research focuses on testing the effects of healthcare based pediatric secondhand smoke reduction interventions on improving child health outcomes and the effectiveness of parental cessation interventions on increasing adult cessation outcomes.


    No photo available

    Constance M. McAneney, MD, MS Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program, Division of Emergency Medicine

    is part of the education focus group. She has spent her career developing clinical and educational programs for pediatric transport, the Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship and Medical Student Education in Pediatrics both locally and nationally. She is concentrating on fostering innovative and productive educational endeavors, bringing the significance of education to the forefront within the Division of Emergency Medicine.


    No photo available

    Matthew R. Mittiga, MD

    has a research focus in education, specifically resident education in the Emergency Department setting, procedural competency and mastery and maintenance of critical skills for pediatric emergency medicine practitioners. He is concentrating on optimizing the pediatric rapid sequence intubation process in the Cincinnati Children’s Emergency Department as well as development of the Emergency Department in situ simulation program to enhance patient safety by practicing high-risk, low-frequency medical case presentations. 


    A photo of Eileen Murtagh Kurowski.

    Eileen Murtagh Kurowski, MD Director of Quality Improvement, Division of Emergency Medicine

    is a health services researcher who is interested in the emergency department care of adolescents and young adults with complex chronic conditions, with a particular focus on differences in care between pediatric and general EDs. She also has a secondary interest in care variations between pediatric and general EDs for common pediatric conditions.


    A photo of Wendy Pomerantz.

    Wendy J. Pomerantz, MD, MS Co-Director, Comprehensive Children's Injury Center

    is a full-time clinician. In between clinical shifts, she is co-director of Injury Free Coalition for Kids. As well as co-director for Comprehension Children's Injury Center. She gives advocacy lectures and is known in the community for preventing injuries to children.


    A photo of Jennifer Reed.

    Jennifer L. Reed, MD Attending Physician, Division of Emergency Medicine

    focuses on interventions to improve the management of adolescents with sexually transmitted infections within a pediatric emergency department setting. Specifically, she is interested in improving the STI results and partner notification systems using improvement science methods.


    A photo of Scott Reeves.

    Scott D. Reeves, MD Director, Liberty Campus, Division of Emergency Medicine

    is primarily interested in the area of quality improvement. Recent projects have focused on the treatment of pain in the Emergency Department. Other areas of interest include ED crowding and evidence-based guidelines.


    A photo of Tara D. Rhine.

    Tara D. Rhine, MD, MS Attending Physician, Division of Emergency Medicine


    A photo of Andrea Rinderknecht.

    Andrea S. Rinderknecht, MD

    is clinical faculty with a research focus in the resuscitation of the critically ill pediatric patient. Her primary focus is the quality and safety of critical procedures performed in the ED. Other interests include quality improvement efforts implemented to improve care in the resuscitation suite and tools utilized to accurately triage patients in the ED.


    A photo of Richard M. Ruddy.

    Richard M. Ruddy, MD

    is one of the nodal principal investigators for Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN). His research focus is on pediatric emergency care and network research with a specific interest in respiratory illness and in the use of implementation / improvement science to deliver higher quality clinical care to children.


    A photo of Charles Schubert.

    Charles J. Schubert, MD Director, Residency Global Child Health

    is a clinical educator involved with the development of global health education for the residency program. He is involved in the development of curriculum, in addition to unique learning opportunities related to global health. He has also been trained in improvement science and maintains involvement in this field.


    A photo of Daniel J. Schumacher.

    Daniel J. Schumacher, MD, MEd Chair, Education Research Group

    focuses his research on learner assessment. He believes that meaningful assessment is the foundation to achieving the intended outcomes of training and continuing professional development that prepare physicians to meet the needs of patient populations and also ensure to the public that physicians can be entrusted with unsupervised practice.


    A photo of Hamilton Schwartz.

    Hamilton P. Schwartz, MD Medical Director, Burnet Campus, Division of Emergency Medicine

    is primarily interested in the Cincinnati Children’s transport team and pediatric pre-hospital care. His current projects focus on the development of quality metrics and performance improvement in critical care transport. He is also studying how video-telemedicine influences patient care in the mobile transport environment. He is the site primary investigator for the national RAMPART pre-hospital seizure medication study.


    A photo of Brad Sobolewski.

    Brad Sobolewski, MD, MEd Director, Resident Emergency Department Rotation

    is a clinical educator in the Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine. He is interested in investigating the impact of technology in education, specifically the use of multimedia and web-based tools.


    A photo of Richard Strait.

    Richard T. Strait, MD Attending Physician, Division of Emergency Medicine

    is interested in the immunology surrounding anaphylaxis and asthma. In addition, he also has an interest in understanding the pathogenesis and immunology of transfusion related acute lung injury (TRALI).


    A photo of Nathan Timm.

    Nathan L. Timm, MD Attending Physician, Division of Emergency Medicine

    is a pediatric emergency medicine physician with a research focus concentrating on hospital disaster/emergency management at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Efforts in this area include surge capacity planning, hazmat decontamination preparedness and Emergency Department utilization.


    A photo of Lisa M. Vaughn.

    Lisa M. Vaughn, PhD

    has specific training and experience in community-based participatory research, community engagement, qualitative research methodologies, and culturally relevant health care with a focus on understanding health disparities and promoting health equity specifically with minority and immigrant families and vulnerable youth.