• Endocrinology Research

    Faculty in the Division of Endocrinology are the principal investigators or co-investigators in nationally recognized, basic and clinical research projects funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), national foundations and industry.  In 2012 the extramural research support for the division was $1,370,086 (Grants $1,220,631 and Industry $149,455).

    Clinical research interests of the faculty include: growth with an emphasis on IGF; Turners syndrome ; metabolic bone disease; the side effects of atypical anti-psychotics;  beta cell function in type 2 diabetes; carbohydrate metabolism and bone disease in cystic fibrosis; endocrine disorders associated with childhood cancer  survivors; Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy; disorders of sexual differentiation; toddler obesity; septo-optic dysplasia; the natural history of obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes in adolescents; the epidemiology of types of diabetes; and the natural history and mechanisms of the development of cardiovascular disease in childhood obesity and diabetes.

    Basic science research interests of the faculty include the role and control of inflammation in metabolic diseases, placental decidualization, the development of the enteroendocrine system, the development and function of the beta cell, and the development of autoimmune diabetes.

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  • Endocrinology
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    Row 1: A Sanghavi Shah, S Rose, N Crimmins, D Elder

    Row 2: S Corathers, I Gutmark-Little, L Dolan, S Lawson

    Row 3: S Handwerger, P Backeljauw

  • Division Data Summary

    Research and Training Details
    Joint Appointment Faculty3
    Support Personnel16
    Direct Annual Grant Support$1,715,264
    Direct Annual Industry Support$84,599
    Peer Reviewed Publications34
    Clinical Activities and Training
    Clinical Staff50
    Clinical Fellows10
    Inpatient Encounters3,846
    Outpatient Encounters13,494
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