Endocrinology Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Crimmins, N

Type I Diabetes TrialNet
U01 DK 06105507/01/12-06/30/13$28,567

Dolan, L

Air Pollution, Subclinical CVD and Inflammatory Markers in the SEARCH Cohort
R01 ES 01916809/27/11-06/30/15$16,299
SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth, Phase 3: Registry Study
U18 DP 00270909/30/10-09/29/15$427,358
Vitamin D and Arterial Stiffness in Youth

Handwerger, S

Transcriptional Control of Human Placental Differentiation
R01 HD 06533902/01/11-01/31/16$192,924

Katz, J

Control of Diabetes by Manipulation of Bc12 Family Members
R01 DK 08117507/01/11-06/30/15$217,500
Dendritic Cells in the Breaking of Peripheral Tolerance in Type 1 Diabetes
R01 DK 09097809/20/10-08/31/13$183,150
Dissecting Dendritic Cell Function in Autoimmune Diabetes
R01 DK 07817908/01/09-07/31/14$213,173

Nakamura, T

Analysis of Pathogenic Double-Stranded RNA in Chronic Inflammatory Disease
Functional Analysis of PKR, JNK, and RISC in Metabolic Inflammation and Homeostasis

Rutter, M

DMD Insulin Growth Factor - 1

Sisley, S

CNS NFkappaB Regulation of Glucose Homeostasis
F32 DK 09107707/01/11-07/30/12$62,030
Current Year Direct$1,715,264
Industry Contracts

Backeljauw, P


Dolan, L


Klein, D


Rose, S

Current Year Direct Receipts$84,599