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  • Collaboration within the Center

    Research within the center involves many talented collaborators working on a variety of projects.  We welcome collaborators who are interested in studying a broad range of environmental exposures and infant and child health, development, and behavior.

    • Thomas Bernert, PhD, Centers for Disease Control: Measurement of exposure to tobacco smoke.
    • Dana Boyd Barr, PhD, Emory University:  Measurement of exposure to persistent and non-persistent pesticides.
    • Cynthia Bearer, MD, PhD, University of Maryland Hospital for Children: Use of meconium to measure prenatal neurotoxicant exposures.
    • Joe Braun, PhD, MSPH, RN, Harvard University:  Exposure assessment of environmental tobacco smoke biomarkers and their association with infant birth outcomes; prenatal BPA exposure and child behavior.
    • Antonia Calafat, PhD, Centers for Disease Control:  Exposure to BPA, phthalates and pesticides.
    • Kim Cecil, PhD, Cincinnati Children’s: Assessment of brain structure, organization, and function and impact of exposures to environmental toxicants.
    • Aimin Chen, PhD, University of Cincinnati:  Pre- and postnatal exposure to PBDE and PFOA / PFOS and relationship to neurodevelopment.
    • Kim Dietrich, PhD, University of Cincinnati: Interaction between PCBs and mercury; mercury exposure and organochlorines; neurodevelopment and neurobehavior, early exposure to lead and adult antisocial outcomes and brain structure, organization and function.
    • Brenda Eskenazi, PhD, University of California Berkeley:  Pooled analysis of the effects of prenatal chemical exposures on children’s neurodevelopment.
    • Sheela Geraghty, MD, IBCLC, Cincinnati Children’s:  Reporting individual test results of environmental chemicals in breastmilk and the potential for premature weaning.
    • Pamela Heckle, PhD, University of Cincinnati:  Models to assess prenatal exposure to mercury.
    • Richard Hornung, DrPh, Cincinnati Children’s:  Biostatistical support and collaboration on multiple projects including the impact of lead hazard controls on child blood lead levels and the effects of prenatal exposure to BPA on child behavior.
    • Robert Kahn, MD, MPH, Cincinnati Children’s:  Media exposure, social disparities; genetic dispositions for ADHD and asthma.
    • Jane Khoury, PhD, MS, Cincinnati Children’s: Biostatistical support and collaboration on multiple projects including the effects of exposure to tobacco smoke, pesticides, BPA, phthalates and childhood injury.
    • Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH, Cincinnati Children’s, Simon-Fraser University, British Columbia Children’s Hospital:  Original director of the Center and Principal Investigator of the HOME Study with a research focus on the effects of exposure to lead and other prevalent environmental toxicants. 
    • Vivek Narendran, MD, Cincinnati Children’s: Measures of environmental contaminants in vernix
    • Kieran Phelan, MD, MS, Cincinnati Children’s:  Randomized, controlled trial for reducing residential injuries in children; validation of injury hazard assessment survey; parental supervision and child injury outcomes; environmental chemical exposure and injury outcomes.
    • Jason Richardson, PhD, UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School:  Effects of developmental pyrethroid exposure in ADHD.
    • M. Douglas Ris, PhD, Texas Children’s Hospital: Early exposure to lead and adult antisocial outcome.
    • Sandy Roda, BS, University of Cincinnati: Use of home test kits in identifying residential hazards, laboratory assessment of biological and environmental samples.
    • Jay Schneider, PhD, Thomas Jefferson University:  Epigenetic modifications associated with exposure to lead.
    • Adam Spanier, MD, Pennsylvania State University:  Tobacco smoke exposure and respiratory outcomes; BPA, phthalates and respiratory health.
    • Scott Venners, PhD, MPH, Simon Fraser University: Effects of bisphenol A and phthalates on birth weight, fetal growth and length of pregnancy.
    • Stephen Wilson, MD, MSc, Mercy Health Partners: Understanding patient preferences for receiving biomarker results.
    • John Wright, PhD, University of Cincinnati: Early exposure to lead and adult antisocial outcome.
    • Yingying Xu, MS, Cincinnati Children’s:  Biostatistical support and collaboration on multiple projects including effects of exposure to lead, tobacco smoke, BPA, phthalates, and pesticides; and effect of home injury intervention, as well as individual projects examining spatial clustering of childhood asthma; GIS-based modeling of pesticide exposure, and analysis of optimal timing for conducting newborn neurobehavioral assessment.
    • Kimberly Yolton, PhD, Cincinnati Children’s:  Exposure to tobacco smoke, pesticides, phthalates, and BPA and neurobehavioral outcomes in infants and children including development, cognition, behavior, and sleep patterns.
    • Kristen Copeland, MD, FAAP, Cincinnati Children’s: Childhood obesity and the influence of the child care environment on children’s physical activity and diet.

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