Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology

  • Cincinnati Center of Excellence in Molecular Hematology

    Funded by: National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)

    Director: Yi Zheng, PhD

    The goal of the Cincinnati Center of Excellence in Molecular Hematology (CCEMH) is to understand and correct at the molecular level diseases with gene/environmental interactions affecting cells derived from hematopoietic stem cells. CCEMH facilitates NIH funded center members to progress toward this goal by fostering inter-disciplinary collaborative approaches using state-of-the-art molecular and cell biology methods along with timely and rational application of translational studies in the clinical setting. Four research cores of the center provide vital services to 51 CCEMH members and other hematology researchers at large on a fee for service basis.

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    + Mouse Xenotransplant/Transgenic Core

    Co-directors: James Mulloy, PhD, and Marie-Dominique Fillipi, PhD

    This Core provides specific inbred mouse strains primarily used in hematopoietic research (including NOD/SCID, NSG, and C57BL/6CD45.1) and gene targeting/transgenic services. It offers animal and cell irradiation services, cell transplant and hematopoietic cell harvest services and handling of animals for xenotransplant procedures.

    Comprehensive mouse and cancer core
    Transgenic and gene transferring core

    + Genomics and Genetics Core

    Co-directors: Gregory A. Grabowski, MD, and Bruce Aronow, PhD

    This Core provides services involving gene array analysis, CHIP-seq, metagenomic DNA/RNA sequencing, epigenomic methylation sequencing, as well as various genomic/genetic analysis tools such as TraFaC (Transcription Factor Comparison) and CisMols Analyzer.

    Service: Sequencing Core

    + Cell Analysis and Isolation Core

    Co-directors: Jose A. Cancelas, MD/PhD, and Claire Chougnet, PhD

    This Core provides services of flow cytometry analysis, flow cytometry sorting and flow imaging of hematopoietic cells.

    Service: Flow analysis core

    + Translational Core

    Director: Punam Malik, MD

    This Core provides human and mouse hematopoietic cell manipulation services (CD34+ cells from cord blood, mobilized peripheral blood, bone marrow, mononuclear cells or other cell fractions), production of research grade viral vectors (lentivirus, retrovirus, foamy virus), and development of molecular and cellular assays to support hematology research and trials (e.g. qPCR, ELISAs, sample processing, CFU, CAFC). 

    Viral Vector Core
    Translational Trials Development and Support Laboratory
    Cell Manipulations Labratory