• Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology Research

    The Division of Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology is committed to hematology, cancer and gene therapy research and strives to understand the biology of blood cell formation and function and to dissect cancer etiology and pathology. Our findings can be used in the development of innovative treatments of genetic and acquired diseases affecting the blood system and cancer.

    The Division of Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology has a close and specialized relationship with the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute, enhancing two-way translational research and leading to more innovation in both clinical trials and delivery of care. The partnership also serves to enhance institutional utilization of gene therapy modalities in the treatment of devastating pediatric diseases.

  • Experimental Hematology

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  • Division Data Summary

    Research and Training Details

    Number of Faculty25
    Number of Joint Appointment Faculty15
    Number of Research Fellows33
    Number of Research Students18
    Number of Support Personnel82
    Direct Annual Grant Support$8,832,677
    Direct Annual Industry Support$190,451
    Peer Reviewed Publications74

    Clinical Activities and Training