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    Inflammatory Bowel Disease Research

    The primary focus of the Denson laboratory at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is to determine the molecular basis for alterations in growth hormone signaling in inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD).

    Normal growth and development are dependent upon the ability of growth hormone to regulate IGF-1 expression. Evidence from studies in children with IBD and mouse models of colitis indicate that inflammatory cytokines, which are upregulated in this setting, may cause an acquired GH resistance. Consequences may include growth failure, altered body composition and impaired mucosal healing. Recent data also indicate that GH may nevertheless exert an anti-inflammatory effect in colitis.

    We are currently investigating potential mechanisms of cytokine-dependent growth hormone resistance in mouse models of colitis and in children with Crohn’s disease. These include downregulation of the growth hormone receptor and upregulation of a family of post-receptor inhibitory proteins, the suppressors of cytokine signaling (SOCS). We have also begun to characterize the manner in which GH may directly reduce chronic inflammation and promote mucosal healing.

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