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  • A photo of Mark Steinhoff.

    Mark C. Steinhoff, MD Director, Global Health Center

    is interested in the broad effects of immunization in prevention of illness both in US and low-resource regions. The Mother’s Gift project of antenatal maternal immunization with influenza vaccine showed protection of mothers and their unvaccinated infants, as well as increased birth weights of the newborns. His team is currently evaluating antenatal influenza vaccine in 3,600 pregnant women in S. Asia to assess the broader effects of prevention of influenza. In Cincinnati, they are evaluating the safety and immunogenicity of influenza vaccines provided to mothers after delivery. They are also carrying out a prospective antepartum influenza vaccine study to assess the differences in immune response between healthy pregnant and nonpregnant women.


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    Steven Black, MD

    is focusing on the evaluation of vaccine safety, vaccine efficacy and the epidemiology of vaccine preventable diseases in the United States but especially in the developing world. He is interested in fostering collaborative efforts to improve vaccine safety and effectiveness assessment in low and middle income countries.


    A photo of Adekunle Dawodu.

    Adekunle H. Dawodu, MBBS, FRCPCH Director, International Patient Care and Education

    is focusing on perinatal and pediatric vitamin D nutrition. His current research focuses on the study of the efficacy and safety of high dose vitamin D supplementation to prevent vitamin D deficiency in pregnant Arab mothers and their newborn infants. 


    A photo of Russell Ware.

    Russell E. Ware, MD, PhD Marjory J. Johnson Chair of Hematology Translational Research

    is a recognized expert in sickle cell disease. He is the national PI for several NHLBI-funded sickle cell clinical trials and has recently begun an international program to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and research for sickle cell disease in developing countries. His laboratory focuses on genetic modifiers of sickle cell disease, as well as the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenetics of hydroxyurea therapy.
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