Immunobiology Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Aliberti, J

Long-Term Immunity Against Toxoplasmosis
R01 AI 03332507/01/08-06/30/13$19,608

Chougnet, C / Hildeman, D (MPI)

Homeostasis and Function of Regulatory T Cells in Aging
R01 AG 03305708/01/12-07/31/17$280,311

Chougnet, C / Jobe, A (MPI)

Biomarkers of Immunologic Function and Preterm Respiratory Outcomes
U01 HL 10180005/01/10-04/30/14$364,354

Divanovic, S

Better Mouse Models of Disease: Humanizing Experimental Atherosclerosis
R21 HL 11390704/01/12-03/31/14$145,279

Grimes, L

RNA Therapeutics for Leukemia
Targeting an Oncorequisite Factor in Leukemia
MicroRNA in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
R01 CA 15984507/01/11-04/30/16$195,050

Hildeman, D

Regulation of Apoptosis in Activated Primary T Cells
R01 AI 05775312/01/08-11/30/13$239,134

Hoebe, K

Functional Analysis of NK Cells and Their Potential to Generate CTL Responses
R01 AI 07474307/10/09-06/30/13$245,025
T-Cell Specific Lysosome Dysfunction as a Primary Cause of IBD in Gimap5sph/sph Mice
Immunobiology of IFRD1, a Gene Modifying CF Lung Disease
R01 HL 09457608/01/09-07/31/13$256,786
CFF Research Development Program (P&F Study)
R457-CR1103/01/12- 06/30/15$65,000

Janssen, E

Activating Robust Immunity to Tumor-Associated Antigens: Mechanisms and Biology
R01 CA 13861704/01/09-02/28/14$90,574

Jordan, M

CD8 T Cell Mediated Disruption of Blood Brain Barrier Tight Junction
R01 NS 06088109/04/10-07/31/14$16,869
Focused Screening of Novel Therapies for HLH Using an Animal Model
Hybrid ImmunoTherapy (ATG/Dexamethasone/Etoposide) for Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis
R34 HL 10780103/15/12-02/28/15$135,000

Finkelman, F

Allergenicity Resulting from Functional Mimicry of the TLR Complex
R01 AI 08837203/01/10-02/28/15$269,488

Lewkowich, I

Mechanisms of Steroid Resistance in Severe Asthma
Synergistic Roles of IL-17 in Asthma Susceptibility

Mattner, J

Primary Biliary Cirrhosis: Molecular Genetics and Microbial Pathogenesis
R01 DK 08405406/01/09-05/31/14$165,515

McAlees, J

Der p 2-Driven TLR4 Signaling in Allergic Asthma
F32 HL 11049709/01/11-02/28/13$13,943

Meyer, S

Environmental Carcinogenesis and Mutagenesis
T32 ES 00725002/01/13-06/30/13$20,895
The Role of Specific MicroRNAs Associated with Oncogenic Translocations in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Niss, O

Primary Immune Deficiency Treatment Consortium
U54 AI 08297309/01/12-08/31/13$25,000
Current Year Direct$3,057,149