• Meet the Grimes Lab

    The Grimes Lab investigates the interface between normal and malignant blood development. The lab uses state of the art biological and molecular tools to delineate transcriptional and microRNA signaling.

  • Sara Meyer headshot photo.
    Sara Meyer headshot photo.

    Sara Meyer

    Currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Grimes Laboratory, Sara is interrogating the role of specific microRNAs in AML by

    1. Developing approaches to identify direct microRNA targets.

    2. Screening microRNA target contribution to leukemogenesis in vitro and in vivo.

    3. Designing novel methods to disrupt microRNA function for therapeutic intervention.

    A NIH NIEHS T32 training grant and a $40,000 CancerFree Kids Award (PI: Meyer) currently supports Sara’s research. She was previously supported by a two-year $100,000 Cancer Research Fellowship awarded by the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars and an NIH NHLBI T32 training grant. Sara completed her PhD in cancer and cell biology at the University of Cincinnati (2009) and BS in molecular and cellular biology at the Ohio University (2004).


    Sara Meyer

    David Muench.
    David Muench.

    David Muench

    Graduate Student

    I am a third year PhD student in the Molecular and Developmental Biology Program here at Cincinnati Children’s. Since I am interested in gene regulation and leukemia, Dr. Grimes’ research is a great fit for me. I am currently working on characterizing a family of STAT5 inhibitor compounds and the underlying mechanisms of their cytotoxic effects on AML cells. Prior to joining the MDB program, I graduated from the University of Louisville in 2011 with an MEng in biomedical engineering and spent a year as a research assistant at Cincinnati Children’s.

    David Muench

    André Olsson.
    André Olsson.

    André Olsson, PhD

    As a post doc I am focusing on Gfi1 dependent transcriptional regulation and epigenetic mechanisms in normal hematopoiesis and neutropenia.

    André Olsson

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    H. Leighton Grimes, PhD

    Phone: 513-636-6089
    Fax: 513-636-5355
    Email: lee.grimes@cchmc.org

  • Summer Students

    Kevin Dong and Ana Aguilar spent Summer 2015 learning molecular oncology in the Grimes lab.

    Kevin Dong and Ana Aguilar spent summer 2015 learning molecular oncology in the Grimes Lab.