Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases Grants

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Bernstein, D

Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Units (VTEUs): Evaluation of Control Measures Against Diseases Other Than AIDS
HHSN272200800006C11/01//07 -03/08/15$4,528,062
Option 2-Mouse and Guinea Pig Models for Herpesviruses (A01)
HHSN272201000008I/HHSN27200001 9/27/12-9/26/13$398,012
The Natural History of CMV-Related Hearing Loss
VRC 701/702

Cardin, R

Role of Viral Chemokine Receptors in Cytomegalovirus Latency
R01 AI 08768307/05/12-06/30/16$256,634

Danziger-Isakov, L

B-Cell Targeted Induction to Improve Outcomes in Pediatric Lung Transplantation
U01 AI 07781003/01/13-02/28/18$59,264

Downes, K

Urinary Biomarkers for Aminoglycoside-Associated Acute Kidney Injury in Cystic Fibrosis

Hostetter, M

Balance of Th17 Cells and Regulatory T Cells in Candidal Vaginal Colonization in Pregnant Macaques and Humans
Pediatric Physician Scientist Program Award
K12 HD 00085007/03/12-06/30/17$1,686,194

Jiang, J

Immune Responses to Norovirus after Natural Infection in Vietnamese Children and Correlation with Blood Group Antigen Secretor Status
R03 TW 00917404/25/12-01/31/14$45,591
Inactivation of Enteric Foodborne Viruses in High Risk Foods by Non-Thermal Processing Technologies
Newcastle Disease Virus Vectored Vaccines for Norovirus
R21 AI 10019508/21/12-07/31/14$25,000
Novel Vaccine Against Norovirus
R01 AI 08963405/15/10-04/30/15$759,382
Universal Flu Vaccine by a Norovirus P Particle Platform
The Role of Human Milk in Infant Nutrition and Health (Project 2 and Core D)
P01 HD 01302108/01/09-12/31/13$201,177

McNeal, M

Hyaluronan Regulation of Microbial Host Defense of the Intestine
R01 HD 06191809/15/09-07/31/13$38,676
PATH FFS: GAT.1574-05548-SUB
Receptor Mimics for Rapid Detection, Typing, and Susceptibility Testing (BR03-UC Sub)
R01 AI 08945005/15/10-04/30/13$31,430

Sawtell, N

HSV Latency and Reactivation and the Novel Neuronal Regulation of VP16 In Vivo
R01 AI 09361407/01/12-06/30/17$416,371

Staat, M

Enhanced Surveillance for New Vaccine Preventable Disease-Patient Protection-ACA
U01 IP 00045808/01/11-07/30/16$139,969
Enhanced Surveillance for New Vaccine Preventable Disease-Patient Protection - Supplement
U01 IP 00045809/01/11-07/31/13$193,333

Way, S

Investigators in the Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease Award
Regulatory T Cells Dictate Immunity During Persistent Salmonella Infection
R01 AI 08783009/06/12-04/30/15$232,650
The Immune Pathogenesis of Prenatal Listeria Monocytogenes Infection
R01 AI 0093409/06/12-06/30/17$246,711
Current Year Direct$10,319,545
Industry Contracts

Bernstein, D


Frenck, R


Jiang, J


McNeal, M


Staat, M

Current Year Direct Receipts$3,570,562